A speed radar set up by Dubai Police on Al Khail Road at the Abukhadra interchange. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Dubai’s speed cameras have been adjusted to catch people violating the movement restrictions over coronavirus between 10pm to 6am, an official said.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said that radars had been modified after the easing of movement restrictions by the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management last Thursday.

“Radars are controlled by systems adopting artificial intelligence and it can be adjusted based on the orders,” he said. “We changed the setting of the radars on all internal roads and highways to catch violators between 10pm and 6am,” he added.

Police said that movement restrictions were applicable across the country and there was no reason to move between the emirates during the restricted hours.

“The restriction order is implemented across the country, and there is no reason to move from one emirate to another except for those working in some sectors,” he said.

Brigadier Al Mazroui praised the efforts of the public to stay at home, which had helped accomplish the aims of the sterilisation programme in Dubai.

“There was a positive response from the public to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by helping the concerned authorities. Staying at home helped the sterlisation programme,” he added.

Fines issued

Meanwhile, Dubai Police issued 58,641 radar fines on movement restriction violators from March 26 to April 16.

Dubai Police also issued 52,069 fines against violators of movement restrictions that were in place during the same period.

Police issused 45,654 warnings and 6,424 fines for violating safety instructions.

Dubai Police reported that 38,702 fines were issued against people who left their homes unnecessarily, meaning not for work purposes or to buy essentials. Meanwhile 10,286 fines were issued for failure to wear medical masks or for failure to maintain physical distance.

A further 3,696 fines were issued to people who exceeded the maximum limit of three passengers in a single vehicle.

“Fines for not wearing masks, exceeding the number of passengers in one vehicle or for failing to leave safe distance will be issued by the police around the clock as those fines are not linked to the movement restriction order,” Brig Al Mazroui explained.

People have been urged to report violators by contacting the non-emergency number, 901, or by using the Police Eye service on smartphones.

List of fines

  • Dh10,000 for violators of the public or private gatherings restriction and Dh5,000 fine for each participant in the gathering.
  • Dh1,000 for violating the physical distance measure.
  • Dh1,000 for people who do not wear masks.
  • Dh1,000 for drivers exceeding three passengers in a vehicle.