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Indian restaurant in Dubai embosses message “wash hands” on its rotis to curb COVID-19 spread Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Indian restaurant in Dubai is embossing a ‘Did you wash your hands?’ reminder on its rotis to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Sagar Ratna, which has branches in Jumeirah Lakes Towers and Oud Metha is embossing the message for home delivery customers and has all the sanitisation and hygeine standards in place.

The round flat bread treats with the special message are served as part of set Indian thali meal.

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Indian restaurant in Dubai embosses message 'wash hands' on its rotis to curb COVID-19 spread Image Credit: Supplied

The restaurant - owned by three partners - Piyush Maloo, Pooja Maloo and Ashish Maru -  has made the mold in steel as per Dubai Municipality standards.

“We prepared this special one in light of the UAE’s measures to curb the spread of COVID-19,” said Pooja. “This is a reminder to our customers to wash their hands before they have their meal.

“As you know Indian food is eaten with hands. We want customers to maintain hygiene for their benefit and that of their loved ones,” she added.

This eatery delivers rotis with a 'Did you wash your hands?' message Supplied


The restaurant chef embosses the mold on the rotis. “The mold is maintained in utmost hygiene standards as laid out by Dubai Muncipality,” said Maloo.

She said the roti is rolled out with a rolling pin.

“It is then put on an oven and baked at a certain high temperature. Once the roti is done well, mold is heated and the message embossed.

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Indian restaurant delivers a pertinent message on its rotis Image Credit: Supplied

“We serve four rotis in the thali. The roti with the message is served right on top of the pack so people see it first thing before they start eating.”

Maloo said the restaurant prepares 400 rotis every day for 100 thalis it serves to customers.

“The roti is eaten alongside curry and dry dishes. Each of our thali packet has four packed rotis. We have 100 regular customers who order from us daily. These times call for safe measures to be undertaken for all. This is our bit to send the message across,” she added.