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Ejaz Bangara and Sahar Atmar Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: There is no coronavirus or COVID-19 stopping a love-struck couple in Dubai to affirm their commitment for each other.

Indian expat Ejaz Bangara decided to put an end to a rather solemn mood prevailing with the coronavirus situation by proposing to his long-term girlfriend Sahar Atmar on April 18.

“I was to propose to her last month, but following the stay-at-home measures, my plans were shelved,” he said.

So three days before Sahar was to travel on a special repatriation flight to Melbourne, Australia where her parents live, Ejaz popped the question - and she said yes.

He said though there was no big celebration to mark the occasion, it was still a cherished moment.

“My friends wished us on Zoom,” he said.

The proposal was made at Ejaz’s home garden. I went on one knee and asked her, “Sahar Atmar, will you marry me?”

Without batting an eyelid, she said yes.

He said he met Sahar through mutual friends in 2014 while he was studying in Australia.

“We were studying in different universities but met often at social gatherings. But we got closer after I left Australia.”

“The whole world has been negatively impacted by coronavirus. I wanted to bring positivity in our lives,” Ejaz added.