Perfect blend. Café owner Naushad Yousuf with a cup of coffeetea Image Credit: XPRESS/Atiq ur Rehman

Dubai: If there are times when you can’t decide whether you want to have coffee or tea, coffeetea is a good option for you.

A fusion café going by the same name at the newly opened Waterfront Market in Deira, Coffeetea sells a unique concoction which its owners claim is the perfect blend between coffee and tea, even as it manages to retain their individual flavours. Café owner Naushad Yousuf claims it took him and son Zaheen two years before they could arrive at the right mix. “The trials were crazy as we wanted to achieve the perfect balance. Coffee has a very strong flavour, so we had to spice up the tea to make it as strong,” said Naushad.

Beverage community

According to Zaheen, “The idea of creating Coffeetea is to bring the coffee and tea community together.”

Served in a tall, transparent glass cup, Coffeetea is half coffee and half tea. You have the option of drinking the tea first as its layer comes on top and then taste the coffee at the base, or stirring the concoction to savour the combined essence of tea and coffee.

Located at the Waterfront Market’s promenade, the café overlooks the sea and serves many unique flavours of tea and coffee as well. “We have the best of tea here, including white, red and blue tea. Our tea leaves and coffee beans are handpicked from different parts of the world,” adds Naushad.

While Coffeetea costs Dh15 a cup, the teas range from Dh5 to Dh18 and the coffees from Dh8 to Dh16.