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Dubai : Love rules the Chinese New Year 2023 – the year of Water Rabbit.

According to Priya Khanna, Master Practitioner, Consultant and Teacher of Fengshi, the New Year also spells philanthropy and compassion and comes with a vibe of a helpful energy where people will not feel competitive so as to bring another person down. Instead they will lend support to help to lift them.

“It is a year where single people find partners,” she said.

Priya Khanna

Khanna said the Chinese New Year 2023 – the Year of Water Rabbit - be dominated by love. “It is a year where single people find partners,” she added. There will also be a “let’s-help-energy” flowing through the New Year.

Khanna, owner and founder of Elements Fengshui, a licensed firm established in the UAE, said there is a huge “let’s help energy” in the New Year.

“People of any age looking for partners will find acceptance. Older single people looking for companionship will find partners. People wanting to get married also will likely get partners this year. The love frequency is going to be huge.”

She added that this year people are likely to find compatibility with people with whom they gel well. “This will propel love in those seeking it.”

Energy of togetherness

Khanna said the New Year lends an energy of togetherness. “People will do things together as a team. There will be a desire for philanthropic activities with a need to help one and another.”

“Help will also come from nations towards deserving countries. This is the primary frequency that will rule the New Year. More people will think about how they can make this a better place.”

Happiness and joy

In the Year of the Rabbit, Khanna said people are looking for happiness, joy and liberation and they will find a contentment by doing something special for someone else.

“This year, the Rabbit is supported by the water element. The rabbit and water get along, so this year spells stability. It may not be like a burst of energy but people will blossom, find love, growth and understanding,” said Khanna.

“Water is the mother of wood and rabbit is a yin wood element. Hence, the water energy is supporting wood. Wood grows well this year which means that all wood signs such as tiger, rabbit, yin wood and yang wood will grow well. The yin fire, yang fire, horse and snake will also grow as wood feeds the fire in the cycle of creation However, since the snake has an indirect clash with the rabbit, it may not benefit as much. This analysis is called the BA Z - the four pillars of destiny based on the Chinese astrological chart.”

“In the New Year, the key words are new, fresh, young, budding, aspiring. Therefore, the New Year will be a good year for entrepreneurs, young people with aspirations and a desire to grow.”

Signs that will shine in 2023

“There are a few signs which do well this year,” said Khanna.

People born in the Year of Dog (1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018) will find success in the New Year. Those born in Year of the Goat (1943, 1955, 1967, 1979,1991, 2003, 2015) Horse (1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014) and Tiger (1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022) also find a smooth sail in 2023.

“The dog is the rabbit’s best friend. And so it is but natural that those born in the year of the Dog, or those born in the month of the Dog (October) find success in the New Year. Things will work well for them. For example, they will find help from all corners to propel their growth,” said Khanna.

Signs that will face some challenges

Rat, Dragon, Rooster and Ox (check the chart for the years that correspond to the signs) could face some challenges this year. The challenges come in terms of blocks.

“But this can be reversed if they carry an amulet of a Dog. This will help move things forward for these signs without facing road blocks.”

What about jobs?

Anyone born in the month of the Rabbit (March), or Dog (October) and Rat (December) will be looking for jobs. “There is a good chance they will land themselves a new job.”

But here is a tip from Khanna. “If you are looking to change your job, don’t change your home at the same time. Don’t mix the energies.”

What success can rabbits see this year? There will be competition for rabbits from other rabbits.

“I would therefore advise rabbits to also carry an amulet of a Dog to receive better benefits.”

“Fire and water elements will do very well this year. They will get a lot of help from the Rabbit for it will bring down excessive water. So there is stability overall,” Khanna added.