Ajman: A car caught fire and completely damaged on Emirates Road between Umm Al Quwain toward Ajman on Sunday morning, an official at Ajman Civil defence told Gulf News yesterday

The fire fighters of Ajman civil defence putting out a fire in a car after its owner stopped on Emirates road in the direction of Umm Al Quwain –Ajman. The incident took place a round 9:30 am. Official said

Official said that the driver was moving on the road and stopped suddenly when he felt something strange happened with his car .He parked his car on the side road and then caught fire.

No human injuries reported in the incident.

The car’s owner reported to be safe and no harm with him.

Ajman Civil Defence was handed over the incident to the concerned authorities to complete the rest of the necessary procedures for the cause of the fire.

Official urged car owners to provide their cars with a small fire extinguisher to use it in case of such incident.