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To me the best is the Hyderabadi Biryani – a flavourful delight that captivates the senses. And my story eulogising the famous Hyderabadi Biryani has induced debate. Some agreed. But others were sceptical.

Cyrus Soonawalla from ‘the City of Nawabs,’ writes: “[I] am sorry, this debate closed centuries back. Lucknowi biryani is the one and the only authentic biryani. Hyderabadi biryani is without doubt flavourful and nice too, but sorry to say [it’s] a pale shadow of the real stuff, which is Lucknowi biryani.”

Another reader, who hails from Hyderabad and identifies himself as Shiva, while praising my efforts to find the best biryani, writes: “In the UAE for me the best [Hyderabadi] biryani place is Silver Spoon in Sharjah because they maintain the taste and standards.”

Shiva did not like my favourite Hyderabadi restaurant: Tayeb’s Kitchen in Dubai. “They are not consistent and I am always disappointed [with Tayeb’s],” he writes. “However thanks for showing Hyderabadi biryani as the best in the debate,” he writes.

Farid Hamed, Key Accounts Manager in a company in Abu Dhabi, almost drools reading the article. “Your vivid description of Hyderabadi food made my mouth water,” he writes.

K.K. Kutty writes in a similar vein: “Your article on biryani in today’s Gulf News was fantastic. Never in the past had I known so much about the dish, nor the intricacies about infusion of so many spicy ingredients into the delicacy.

Hamdan from Hyderabad says he tries new restaurants to discover the best biryani. Hamdan, now based in Al Ain, says Ritaj in Abu Dhabi is his haunt. He travels all the way from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi just to savour Ritaj’s biryani. Point taken, Hamdan.

Numan Ali wondered how I could rate Hyderabadi biryani as the best in the world. He says Al Falak Restaurant serves the best biryani and it’s Karachi biryani.

Another reader, Mohammad, said the article on briyani is “a good read”. But he has “a hidden gem called Al Dahab Cafeteria in RAK”. He says it’s known for their special juice aptly named ‘Dahabi’ (Golden), “which attracts people from as far as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates just to get a sip”.

So, which is the best biryani then? Hyderabadi, of course.

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