William Mondy with Abdul Aziz Hussain Khansaheb Image Credit: Courtesy: William Mondy

Dubai: A generous Emirati businessman has lent a helping hand to an American aviation expert who suffered health problems, lost his job and was facing a police case against him for unpaid bills.

Hussain Abdul Rahman Khansaheb, Chairman of Khansaheb Group, offered to help William Mondy, 59, after Gulf News first reported the problems he was facing.

Mondy worked for an aircraft company in Sharjah before he landed in trouble after undergoing knee surgery in the UAE.

Following surgery, he lost his job as an aircraft engineer, which he started in July 2012, and was unable to cover his rent and other living expenses in the UAE.

Abdul Aziz Hussain Khansaheb, Director of Khansaheb Group, said the story touched their hearts.

“The Khansaheb Group is part of the community and it is our job to extend a helping hand to community members, regardless of who they are and from where they came,” said Khansaheb.

With newly offered financial assistance, Mondy has paid his rent and can now clear the police case against him. With the case cleared, he can also retrieve his passport from his former employer to join a new company and get back on his feet.

“I’m sleeping well at night and a very heavy burden is off my shoulders,” he said.

“It is with the utmost humble appreciation and sheer amazement I receive such a token of humanitarianism. Believe me, after all I have been through this will now help me realign my life and get back to normal,” he said.

“I just Skyped my wife in Belarus, she is elated as I am,” added Mondy.

“I am unable to find more words but I’m really thankful because I never expected that someone would help me — as this would never have happened in my country back home or in any other place in the world,” he said.

Mondy has worked as a large jet aircraft ground engineer in aviation companies all over the world for the past 40 years. He comes from Philadelphia and is a father of three daughters and a son who all live in the USA.

He came to the UAE from Lithuania, where he worked for an aviation company, to join an international company in Sharjah, but soon found himself in trouble after the company terminated him without notice after his operation.

He said he needs further knee-replacement surgery.

“I have not been home for nearly seven months, I must continue to try to sort out my life here and get back on track,” he told Gulf News earlier.

“My loss of employment has caused a severe adverse domino effect on my life and progress as I have bank loans, credit cards and a car loan, which is almost Dh250,000,” he said.