Help! Abandoned canine sisters need a forever home
Help! Abandoned canine sisters need a forever home Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The staff at a Dubai-based veterinary clinic were worried once more – a pair of female mixed-breed dogs had just been surrendered by their owner. He was about to relocate back to his home country, and didn’t want to take the two dogs along. The dogs looked confused.

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This is not just the story of Brownie and Blue – the two canine sisters who became homeless last week. Vet clinics and shelters across the UAE have cases of abandoned and surrendered dogs. Animal volunteers and animal lovers on social media groups and Whatsapp are sharing numerous messages on a daily basis, in hopes of getting residents to foster or adopt abandoned and rescued dogs.

Amidst the demand for pure breeds and smaller breeds of dogs – it is the mixed breed dogs and hounds, ones that are not considered ‘cute’ enough to own as pets – which get left out.

Brownie, who has one brown and one blue eye, and her sister Blue, named so because of her blue eyes, are inseparable. When the veterinary clinic could no longer keep them, due to new admissions, a rescuer had to step in and help move the two to a shelter.

The dogs are now under the care of Animals And Us Fujairah, a registered non-profit animal welfare organisation based in Fujairah.

According to the rescuer, Crystal Sequeira: “The two dogs are approximately one and a half or two years old. It would be terrible to separate them. They share a strong bond, evident in their walks, where they constantly check on each other's presence.

“From birth until now, they have always been together. They lost their home, their family, and what they thought was a safe environment.”

For anyone interested in adopting the two, Sequeira said their personalities exude playfulness. “They are friendly and social and are compatible with dogs of all sizes. Additionally, they display a gentle demeanour around children. While their interactions with cats remain untested, it is worth noting that Brownie takes on the role of an elder sister, constantly vigilant and protective of Blue.

“When you look at them, we can't explain to them that their beloved guardian left them behind to the mercy of strangers.

“People take pets inspired in a sudden moment, without giving it enough thought. They don’t think about what's next, as if animals have no feelings, nervous systems, or organs to feel pain.”

She requests people to come forward and foster the animals that are left behind in shelters being run by staff who are doing their best to take care of every animal.

But, for most of these shelters, veterinary bills are running into tens of thousands of dirhams, and boarding space is limited.

Another furry friend looking for a forever home

This eleven-month-old Belgian Malanois, was found abandoned on the streets, recently. According to her rescuer, Monserrat Martin: “She is sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped, and socialises well with people, including children. She is friendly and playful with other dogs.”

This eleven-month-old Belgian Malanois, was found abandoned on the streets, recently.
This eleven-month-old Belgian Malanois, was found abandoned on the streets, recently. Image Credit: Supplied

While she needs an adopter urgently, Martin urges that they should preferably have experience with this breed type, as they are extremely active.

To adopt or foster Brownie and Blue, or the Belgian Malanois puppy, send an email with your name and contact number to