A man destroys a TV set with a sledge hammer at The Smash Room Image Credit: XPRESS/Atiq ur Rehman

Dubai: Ever felt so frustrated that you wanted to break everything around you? The good news is that you can actually do it at The Smash Room, the city’s latest attraction.

Located in Al Quoz, The Smash Room is a one-of--its-kind ‘stress reliever’ activity, according to the people behind the concept. “It’s an alternative to a relaxing day at a spa. Imagine how good you’d feel after breaking laptops, TVs, tableware, refrigerators, cell phones and even mannequins. You can even bring your own things to break them,” says Hiba Balfaqih, co-founder of The Smash Room and also a certified psychologist.

The Smash Room is all about breaking things in order to feel better. Participants can pay for a package, wear a safety suit and enter the assigned room filled with breakable things. “There are no rules to how you break certain things, or what you break first. You go about it as you like. Our charges range from Dh75 to Dh299, similar to the price of a body massage at most saloons in Dubai,” says Ibrahim Abudyak, co-founder of The Smash Room.

All the rage

According to Balfaqih, over 100 people have already signed up on their website. “Almost each one of us has smashed our phones against the floor or punched the wall at some time in our lives. As a psychologist, I understand the feeling and that’s why we planned to launch the Smash Room in Dubai. Living away from family, a hectic job or the growing traffic can sometimes get too much for residents here,” she adds.

While visitors are welcome to bring their own stuff, The Smash Room provides used goods that are locally sourced from a second hand dealer.

“The UAE is a transient country. People are always moving out, leaving behind their cars, washing machines, etc. Also, residents in the UAE have a mental block against used items. This is why procuring isn’t a problem for us. We also accept donations,” adds the 30-year-old who has been a Dubai resident for eight years. All smashed items are sent back to a recycling compound.

To book your packages log onto: www.thesmashroom.ae or call 058 198 2323