Kathar Hussain was in native Tamil Nadu in India when the Dh 30 million Big Ticket draw took place. He immediately flew back to the UAE when he heard he had won. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The biggest grand prize winner of the Big Ticket draw in Abu Dhabi, announced over the weekend, is a 27-year-old Indian national from Tamil Nadu working as a foreman at a car wash company in Sharjah.

Kathar Hussain was on vacation when the draw was held on December 3 and Big Ticket hosts Richard and Bouchra were unable to reach him by phone. Thankfully, Kathar was tuned in during the live draw and he said he immediately booked a flight back to the UAE when he learned that he’d won the Dh30 million grand prize.

How he did it

Kathar’s life has dramatically changed for the better overnight. As a foreman at a car wash company in Sharjah, he draws a monthly salary of Dh1,500. But every month, he saves the ‘tips’ he receives from customers to buy a ticket with his friend who works at the same company as an oil changer making Dh1,200 per month.

The duo pool together their tips to buy entry to Big Ticket draws and will now be splitting the whopping grand prize of Dh30 million.

The life-changing windfall happened when Kathar purchased the winning ticket days before his birthday on November 11, through Big Ticket’s cash-on-delivery option.

Another millionaire

Meanwhile, Indian national Thomas Ollukkaran walked away with the second prize of Dh1 million.

Big Ticket announced, for the upcoming January 3 live draw, one lucky winner will take home Dh35 million with Big Ticket. In addition to the grand prize, a second prize amount of Dh1 million will be won and three other winners will take home Dh100,000 each.