Abu Dhabi Police warning against online fraud
Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Police here issued a cautionary alert regarding fraudulent calls and deceptive electronic links circulating on social media platforms.

These scams exploit various events, activities, and occasions to lure the public with fake services, offers, and benefits.

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In a statement released across its social media channels, the Abu Dhabi Police highlighted the resurgence of deceptive tactics employed by fraudsters and swindlers.

These individuals employ misleading methods to entice victims, often obtaining sensitive banking information, which is then exploited for unauthorised financial transactions and withdrawals.

Vigilance urged

Citizens are urged to remain vigilant and cautious when engaging with unfamiliar callers or online links, safeguarding their personal and financial information from potential exploitation and fraud.

It urged people to avoid clicking on questionable links and not to share their confidential information with anyone, whether it is bank account information or credit or debit card data, passwords for online banking services, personal identification numbers for ATMs, the security number (CCV) or password.

The force said that bank employees will never ask the customers for such information.

What to do in case of suspected fraud

Abu Dhabi Police called on the public, in case of fraud, to go to the nearest police station and quickly report any calls they receive from unknown persons asking them to update their banking information.

Citizens and residents are advised to contact the Aman service number 8002626 or by sending a text message 2828, in order to enhance the police’s efforts in confronting these fraudulent methods and protecting society from its modern-day scams.

The force also called for activating and updating protection programmes, or patches, to eliminate malicious websites that contain electronic codes aimed at stealing hard-earned savings, and not to be lured by tempting offers.