Get to design jewellery as per your preference and budget Image Credit: © XPRESS/Pankaj Sharma

DUBAI :A Dubai-based jeweller has introduced a high-end service to provide customers bespoke jewellery in diamonds and gemstones.

The service by Dhamani Jewels will be available at its 10,000 square foot facility which opened on the 55th floor of Almas Tower in Jumeirah Lake Towers on Wednesday.

Amit Dhamani, CEO and Managing Director of Dhamani Jewels, said customers can choose from a variety of stones and designs to get their jewellery made according to their preference and budget. "We have special private rooms where our elite customers can select loose diamonds and gems and sit with our team of specialised designers to create exclusive designs for themselves. They can budget their purchases," said Dhamani.

Dhamani said coinciding with the launch of the Almas Tower facility, Dhamani has also launched a 4,000 sq ft diamond jewellery factory, the largest of its kind, at Gemplex in Jumeirah Lake Towers for very high-end bespoke jewellery. The first piece to be made by the factory is a Dh15 million diamond necklace with 600 carats of solitaires.

One of the unique selling propositions is the 99-facet Dubai Cut diamond, over which it has exclusive distribution and retail rights, said Dhamani.

"Unlike the 56 facet diamond, the 99 facet stones are very rare. Each piece comes with an individualised serial number."

Manish Dhamani, Director, Retail, said the 99-facet diamond comes from Russia and is inspired by the 99 names of Allah in the Quran. "Every year, we get a limited edition of 1,800 stones," he said.

The value of the 99-facet diamond begins from Dh5,000.

"We recently sold a bracelet with the 99-facet diamonds to an Irish customer for $360,000 (Dh1.32 million)," said Dhamani.