As a Dubai-based 'Incorporation, should you take care of processing official paperwork or should you outsource PRO services?

The entrepreneurial spirit is on the up in Dubai. Last year, there were nearly a quarter of a million business registrations and licensing transactions– up 4.6 per cent on the previous year. Dubai’s business backdrop is competitive, diverse, and full of opportunities but from a legal point of view, it is also full of bureaucracy, regulations, and obligations for you as a business owner.

So, here’s a question that may come to your mind as a business owner. During the pandemic, is it wise to hire a person responsible for processing official paperwork – visa applications and renewals, company licenses, labour cards, and so on or should you (or someone already within your organization) take care of this, or should you outsource PRO services?

Why a corporate PRO service? 

Time is money and you cannot spend your valuable treasure standing in the queues of various government departments waiting for your turn, while your business suffers your absence. You can easily spend it at a better place & productive work by hiring best pro services company in Dubai to get the job done on time. In order to start up a business in Dubai or UAE, there are a lot of documentation, authorizations, and approvals that each business needs to obtain to start properly. There are also a lot of documentation and approvals to be acquired from different governmental corporations and to avoid waiting in the queues and hassle we assist you with every legal step related to setting up your company in the UAE.

CIG as a corporate PRO service provider

We understand the market and keep ourselves updated on the ever-changing process information required for setting up and running a business. Additionally, it is our responsibility to provide accurate and up to date information to our clients based on their needs. Hence, we develop a completely tailored solution for all government PRO services in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Our goal is to manage the requirements of our clients, while ensuring complete compliance, information, and transparency on all outsourced PRO services provided. As one of the professional PRO companies in Dubai, we ensure to review our client’s corporate structure. Outsourcing your corporate PRO services in the UAE to a professional firm helps in reducing risks, saves money, reduces fines, delays and time. Let us provide you total peace of mind, so that you can focus on your core business.

How do we design our corporate PRO services? 

We design our PRO services package based on the following:

 Number of trade licenses

 Jurisdiction of the trade licenses

 The number of visas held under each trade license

 The complexity of the activity on the trade license and compliance linked to the regulatory bodies

 Any additional special services required by a company

Owing to all these points, each PRO services contract allows easy growth and flexibility, while maintaining a competitive and cost-effective edge as an outsource partner.

“PRO services requires professional expertise, which can successfully manage the whole cycle of procedures and formalities. Company formation in Dubai has a number of predefined procedures and cycles. An expert is required to guide you through these multiple stages and helps you complete all the hard paperwork successfully. CIG assists businesses through all the business setup stages with our wide array of PRO services in Dubai and document clearing services. As our work closely depends networking with the Dubai government and officials of various ministries, we are known far and wide as providers of the most-efficient PRO Services in Dubai. Ultimately, you benefit from our PRO services in Dubai in terms of time spent as part of queues in government offices as well as money”

- Maimuna Wafa, AGM, CIG Group

Unique features of CIG's Corporate PRO Services

By outsourcing your company’s Corporate PRO services in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, you avail the following benefits:

 Knowledgeable Partner

 Dedicated Accounts Manager

 Timely reminders linked to visas and licensing renewals

 Timely updates on latest government regulations

 Provision of original government receipts and invoices

 Reduce your exposure to risk

 Save Time and Money

 Increase data security and protection

 Reduce Costs of Running/operating a department.

 Bank account setup

 Salesforce CRM Managed

 No More Fines or Delays

 Focus on your core business

 100% transparency.

 Access to up to date legal regulatory requirements and laws.

Services included in our Corporate PRO Services Package

 New Company formation

 Renewal of trade license

 Set up of Branch License

 Job Offer Letters

 WPS Support Services

 Regulatory body support and liaison services

 New employment visa process

 Company immigration card renewal

 Renewal of employment visas

 Company Establishment card update

 Cancellation of employment visas

 Quota applications and modifications

 Medical typing and applications

 Labour card updates

 New emirates ID processing

 Labour card renewals

 Renewal of emirates ID

 Visa alters and weekly updates

 Labour and Immigration support services

 PO Box renewals

 Additional services tailored fort the client

 Consultancy Support

Seasoned team of experts at your service

As a professional pro service provider in the UAE, we at Capital International Group are a team of disciplined industry experts who strive to support our clients every step of the way. Additionally our team enjoys immense experience in providing pro services in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Hence hiring Capital International Group as your corporate service provider will save you time and money.

All in all, our trained staff have in-depth knowledge about the legalities of any company setup and formation. They also know the ins and outs of the Dubai market. Notably they can provide sound insight and help clients make informed decisions about their business.