Mohammad Farooq Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Pakistani expat and amputee Mohammad Farooq is desperately seeking help to clear his hospital dues - worth Dh15,000 - and fly back to his home country.

The 48-year-old’s left foot had to be amputated last month after his sugar level shot up to a dangerous high. “He has been diabetic for the last 10 years, but we never imagined it would come to this point,” said Mohammad Babar, Farooq’s younger brother who had to specially fly down from Pakistan.

With Babar’s tourist visa expiring in a week, he said he is in a race against time to help his brother repay his debts.

“I want to take my brother back home with me, but his rental and hospital dues will have to be cleared before we can head back,” he said.

He said Farooq’s wife and three children, currently in Dubai, were also waiting to return to Pakistan.

Babar said, “Farooq worked with a public entity. His employers have helped him with the children’s school fees. But it’s best they all return to Pakistan now as he is not in the best of health.”

Farooq, who was admitted to a public hospital last fortnight, is recovering from the limb surgery. Babar said his brother was diagnosed with kidney trouble last year and a large part of his savings was used up for the treatment.

“We have no money left,” he claimed.

“We just want to clear the dues and buy plane tickets to Karachi for the family. My parents are waiting to see their eldest son,” 
said Baba

If you wish to help Farooq, write to editor@xpress4me.com