Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi during the Ayah Art Exhibition-1679645358893
Mohamood Khaleel Al Hashmi and Iftikhar Hamdani during the launching of Ayah Art Exhibition in Ajman Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: The Ajman Department of Tourism Development launched the first edition of the “Ayah Art Exhibition” to boost the cultural and artistic scene in Ajman and support emerging talents.

The event is being held at the Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel until April 26. There are more than 36 artists participating at the event.

The exhibition aims to refine Ajman’s artistic scene during the holy month of Ramadan and introduce its Islamic values and Arabic traditions in the form of arts to the public.

The event will see a collection of Islamic paintings and artworks of renowned artists from India, Philippines, Algeria, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, and Iran.

Unique experience

Religious arts, mainly Islamic will be in focus by offering a unique experience to the audience which promotes Ajman as a leading destination for arts and culture, as well as supporting artists by building a sustainable partnership with them to showcase their creative artworks.

While it is part of the Ramadan festivities throughout the emirate, the exhibition offers its visitors the chance to discover and experience various Islamic arts which reflects Ajman’s vision to promote these artworks as a universal expressive language.

The Ayah Art Exhibition also offers artists an exclusive platform to exhibit the diverse art schools they represent, which enhances Ajman’s position as a unique forum for existing and new talents.

Religious artworks

Mahmood Khaleel Al Hashmi, Director General of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development said: “The Ayah Art Exhibition is an opportunity to promote international artists during the exceptional ambience of Ramadan where visitors can experience a variety of religious artworks from across the world. The department is keen to support artists by offering them an innovative platform to promote their various artworks, and this ensures Ajman’s position as a leading destination where creative capacities emerge, and helps in boosting the emirate’s artistic and touristic sectors”.