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Figures were announced at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) on Wednesday Image Credit: ADJD

Abu Dhabi: As many as 146,829 cases were handled by Abu Dhabi’s Public Prosecution last year of which 121,166 were referred to courts, it was revealed by the prosecution department of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department on Wednesday.

Judgements were handed down on 118,567 cases of the total 121,166 referred to them, while 9,153 were dismissed and 2,502 were settled outside of court.

Public Prosecution stated that almost all received cases were processed making a 99.9 per cent accomplishment rate last year.

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Counsellor Ali Mohammad Al Balushi, Attorney General of Emirate of Abu Dhabi Image Credit: ADJD

Counsellor Ali Mohammad Al Balushi, Attorney General of Emirate of Abu Dhabi, said, “We aim from this meeting to set a common vision for our performance in 2020, as announced by our leadership. This year all government agencies and institutions are working to lay the foundations for their work for the next stage in innovative ways and in accordance with the wise vision of our leadership.”

Counsellor Hassan Al Hammadi, Director of Public Prosecution, said, “We start 2020 by adopting a slogan “Prosecution without errors as possible”, where the focus will be on quality in the work, the prosecution is the body that is based on the protection of rights.

He asserted on ensuring the correctness of procedures, accuracy in decisions, establishment of evidence and validity of the referral, because decisions affect the life and future of a person and an entire family.

Statistics of the Public Prosecution showed that 22,759 cases were submitted to the appeal prosecution offices, 2,150 cases were filed with the Cassation Prosecution, and yielded a 100 per cent completion rate.

While the Community Service Prosecution pronounced 245 judicial rulings in various fields and implemented the electronic monitoring system in 416 cases, which achieved many benefits at the social and family levels, cohesion and social solidarity and the integration of convicts into the society. Such move also alleviated the financial burdens associated with the imprisonments.

During the forum, the Public Prosecution reviewed the electronic transformation and adoption of many smart systems and applications in line with the criminal case procedures where some cases were resolved in two minutes.

The total number of cases in which a criminal order was issued online reached 3,917 cases last year.

“As for the criminal order, smart technologies contributed to the issuance of the order within two minutes by with the help of registration, description, fines and complementary penalties according to the case’s data,” the department said.

However, the department noted that thousands of other cases were pronounced and settled with the help of onine and video conferencing.