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Screen grab from the Abu Dhabi Police video showing hazards for lane swerving

Abu Dhabi: Days after issuing a warning against lane swerving, the Abu Dhabi Police has released a video clip demonstrating the hazards of the behaviour.

The clip, released on the Police’s social media platforms, shows a small hatchback weaving between the lanes without using any indicators. The vehicle eventually crashes into the solid barrier on the right shoulder.

Safe overtaking

Lane swerving is in fact a major cause behind many serious traffic accidents in the emirate, and includes unsafe overtaking behaviour among drivers. The Police has therefore urged motorists to use indicators when switching lanes, to only overtake from the left, and to avoid distractions when overtaking. The Police also advised drivers to cross one lane at a time when switching through multiple lanes.


There are also fines and penalties imposed for lane swerving violations. Motorists are fined Dh1,000m and given four traffic black points. The vehicle is also impounded, and Dh5,000 must be paid within three months to release the vehicle from impound, as stated in Traffic Law No. (5) of 2020 regarding vehicle impoundment