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The Abu Dhabi Police unveiled a comprehensive and proactive security and traffic plan for the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays. The force also urged drivers to abide by traffic laws, reduce speed, and avoid getting distracted by their phone or writing messages while driving. Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police General Command confirmed its readiness to receive Eid Al-Adha with a comprehensive and proactive security and traffic plan in order to achieve its strategic priorities seeking to enhance security and safety, the happiness of society and road security in the emirate.

In a statement, the force explained that the plan focuses on providing safety for all members of society — citizens, residents and visitors.


Increased police presence

It also includes intensifying police and security patrols on internal and external roads and tourist areas that witness huge crowds during the holiday as well as near commercial centres, markets, gardens, public parks, etc.

All police and security agencies concerned, especially those working in the field, are working to redouble their efforts to enhance security and spread peace of mind in society.

Meanwhile, the directorates in Abu Dhabi City, Al-Ain, and Al-Dhafra, the external regions, traffic, patrols and the management of special patrols have also prepared an integrated system for Eid Al Adah feast.

Road safety

Police called on everyone to abide by the laws and regulations, pointing out that the force is keen to achieve the highest rates of safety on the road, and spread comfort and reassurance in the hearts of its users, through its field presence at all times to ensure smooth traffic flow.

The force confirmed that preparations for different traffic scenarios and plans that contribute to the flow of traffic and prevent traffic jams during holidays and special events.

Public urged to abide by laws

Abu Dhabi Police called on community members to adhere to the laws, and not to deal in any way with fireworks and those who trade in them, in order to preserve public safety during the celebration of the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday or any other activities.

The police also urged the young drivers to show civilised behaviour when driving their vehicles and exploit the joy of Eid is to carry out any irresponsible behaviour — such as dangerous stunts, reckless driving, and organising races near residential areas that endanger their lives and the lives of others.

Meanwhile, drivers are urged to abide by traffic laws, avoid overspeeding, and getting distracted by their phone or writing messages while driving.

Emergency number: 999

It indicated that the Command and Control Center (999) in the Operations Department of the Central Operations Sector continues to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to receive calls and reports, and to ensure the arrival of the competent police teams as soon as possible to meet urgent calls and emergency cases and protect lives, property and national gains.