Abu Dhabi Police's winter campaign aims at ensuring the safety and security of all residents and visitors. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police have launched the sixth edition of ‘Our Winter is Safe and Enjoyable’ campaign in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority.

The campaign aims to enhance community security awareness and urges the public to adhere to the necessary preventive measures during the winter, for their safety and the safety of everyone.

The initiative focuses on educating community members about the importance of cooperating with the police to make “our winter safe and enjoyable” and avoiding behaviours that lead to accidents.

Online risks

It calls on parents to increase their supervision of their children during the winter school break, including protecting them from electronic risks such as blackmail, bullying, and online abuse on social media.

Safety outdoors

The campaign also focuses on enhancing security and safety in open areas frequented by visitors during winter, adhering to preventive measures for riding motorcycles, and warning riders against using motorcycles in a negative manner or performing actions that may cause inconvenience to others.

Rules for cyclists

Additionally, the campaign calls on cyclists to adhere to the designated paths and in parks, stay away from areas crowded with vehicles, not to ride in the opposite direction, wear a helmet, and use protective covers for the arms and knees.

Dangers at home

The police urged families to adhere to preventive requirements to protect children from accidents at home, mitigate the risk of falling out of windows in residential towers, warning them of the dangers of burning firewood and coal inside the house or apartment, which may cause accidents such as house fires and suffocation.

Through the campaign, Abu Dhabi Police calls on the public to secure private property and use modern security technologies, such as surveillance cameras, to prevent theft.

Online gaming

The campaign devotes part of the awareness to focusing on protecting the family and its children from the dangers of fraudsters when using electronic games, being careful when subscribing to or purchasing electronic games over the internet, not disclosing credit card details in order to preserve their confidentiality, and purchasing only through trusted sites that implement safe controls.

Multimedia drive

The campaign’s media awareness methods includes Abu Dhabi Police’s social media platforms and various media outlets for publishing news, television and radio interviews, distributing educational publications and brochures, in addition to holding community councils hosting experts and specialists.

Ready for Liwa festival

Abu Dhabi Police has completed its readiness to secure the activities of the Liwa International Festival (Tel Mureb 2024) organised by the Liwa Sports Club in cooperation with the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi in the city of Liwa in the Al Dhafra region from December 8 to 31.

Brigadier Hamdan Saif Al Mansouri, Director of the Al Dhafra Region Police Directorate in the Security Sector, stressed the keenness to implement a comprehensive plan in which the Al Dhafra Region Traffic Department of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate participates to ensure traffic safety, and focuses on intensifying patrols at the festival site and organising traffic on the roads and intersections leading to the festival activities.

He urged drivers and members of the public to adhere to traffic regulations, cooperate with the police and ensure safe driving that adheres to traffic laws.

The Special Patrol Department participates in securing the festival and the Abu Dhabi Police Aviation Department, and the ‘Rimal Patrol’ also participates in providing support to the relevant police agencies in all rugged locations in sandy and desert areas, and works to enhance the speed of response to tasks and distress calls that reach the command and control centres.

The Command and Control Centre in the Operations Department has also completed its readiness at the festival site to receive public reports and ensure the arrival of patrols at the various sites.

Tal Mereb Police Station in the area provides many services to complete public transactions as part of Abu Dhabi Police’s efforts to make the public happy.