The new studio will be especially useful during emergencies to deliver rapid alerts, and to broadcast traffic, community and other awareness messages. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: On World Radio Day today, Abu Dhabi Police has launched a new recording studio in order to raise awareness, and engage with the community on security matters and traffic laws.

“The recording studio is one of the developmental projects of Abu Dhabi Police, in coordination with the Centre for Strategy and Institutional Development. It serves the objectives of Abu Dhabi Police and its ongoing endeavour to diversify communication channels with the community,” said Brigadier Mohammed Ali Al Muhairi, director of the Security Media Department at the Abu Dhabi Police.

The official explained that the new studio will be especially instrumental at times of emergency to deliver rapid alerts, and to broadcast traffic, community and other awareness messages. Police officials have already received training to present, prepare and direct radio programmes, and carry forward the approved practical training plan for university students.

Al Muhairi added that Abu Dhabi Police is keen to deliver daily messages and alerts at times of emergency, and broadcast radio spots focussed on security, community and guidance awareness of different social issues, such as the dangers and damage of drugs, traffic laws, crimes, and the hazards of certain phenomena and behaviours.

The recording studio at Abu Dhabi Police will undertake several tasks, most importantly to record voiceovers for police documentaries and campaigns, radio interviews for police spokespeople, traffic and community awareness items, alerts, reports, news and other materials. The studio will also be used to train university students and police talents, in addition to the archiving of recorded material.

Major General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, stressed that local media, with its various forms, is a key partner of Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters. He applauded its effective and influential role in maintaining communication with all segments of the community, and in disseminating security and traffic awareness.