bike parking in Abu Dhabi
Bike riders should now park at the dedicate motorcycle parking lots in Abu Dhabi as more than 3,000 spaces are mow available across the city.

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi city now offers a total of 3,025 parking spaces for motorcycles, and bike riders must make use of the bays to safely park vehicles, the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) announced on Friday.

The dedicated parking spaces aim to reduce the random parking of two-wheelers around the city, said the ITC, the public transport wing of the Department of Municipalities and Transport.

The authority added that penalties will be issued against motorcyclists who fail to make use of motorcycle parking spaces in areas where they are available.

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Motorcycle parking bays feature the same turquoise-and-blue kerb markings as all other vehicle parking. However, the space is narrower than parking bays meant for cars and other vehicles. There is also a picture of a motorcycle printed on the asphalt.