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Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Media, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company (ADDH), has unveiled a range of new programmes and shows across all its platforms as well as the relaunch of three of its applications; ADTV, AD Sports and AD Radio.

The step comes as part of the Abu Dhabi Media Strategy, which focuses on compelling audience centric content, modernised and user-friendly digital distribution; including world-class apps and the ongoing development of its people. This strategy was built on the results of a series of qualitative and quantitative research and field studies conducted by Abu Dhabi Media. The study included all segments of society in the UAE and the Arab world.

Dr Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of State and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abu Dhabi Media, said: “The new ADM strategy was built in line with the directives of our leadership of advancing the performance of our national media; enhancing its unique role in preparing for the next fifty years and highlighting its responsibility towards enhancing cultural evolution. I would like to thank the Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company and the ADM Board of Directors, who supervised the formulation of the new strategy and contributed to the company’s continued critical role as a foundation for nurturing national talent, including, writers, presenters and journalists.”

He added: “The new strategy revolves around an ambitious vision to develop all Abu Dhabi media platforms, with a primary focus on responding to the aspirations our leadership and the public in the production of content. Renewing the company’s brands aims to keep pace with the constant change in the global media landscape, enhance its digital platforms and content offering and ensuring that it is equipped to cater to company’s pan Arab audience.

Latest technologies

As part of this ongoing transformation, Abu Dhabi Media has updated its brand websites, launched new digital platforms and Apple TV-enabled applications that incorporate the latest technologies; offering live broadcasts and catch ups, as well as the integration of iOS and Android-enabled Alexa and Press Reader.

The Abu Dhabi TV Channels Network, that includes ADTV, Emirates TV and AD Drama, and the AD Sports Channel have updated all websites; and launched the “ADTV” App and the AD Sports App, respectively; available through the platforms Android TV, Apple TV, Apple Store and Google Play.

AD Radio has also relaunched its app and begun a transformation towards full digital services; starting with Emirates Radio and Star FM; now both available on Alexa with a special feature of live streaming shows through Emirates Radio and Star FM websites.

60 new shows

On content, Abu Dhabi TV Channels Network has launched over 60 new shows and programmes including the comedy programme “Repeat after Me”, hosted by famous influencer Tarek Al Harbi and hosts a selection of celebrities and influencers from the Arab world who are asked by the presenter to follow his instruction at various ad-hoc locations. Another show, “Tekk Gamers,” hosted by Abdallah Al Ghamdi, a first in the Arab world; offers weekly reviews of the latest and most important technologies in electronic gaming, through interviews with video game celebrities and specialists. “Eishha Sah”, hosted by Dr Hassan Kaladari, is a show that addresses the topic of general health and well-being. “Darbat Jaza’a” is a program that reviews football league competitions that Abu Dhabi Sports has broadcast rights to.

Examples of new shows on Emirates TV, targeting all segments in the UAE include Nuqta Ala Al Sater, hosted by Dr Sultan Al Nuaimi, a program that addresses social topics in the UAE. Masakum Kheir is a daily variety magazine show that provides quick and interesting insights into topics of national interest including culture and arts, medicine, economics, social media, science and technology, sports as well as tourism and travel.

Also launching on Emirates TV is Podcast, hosted by Mohammad Al Juneibi, a diversified culture and entertainment program, presented in cooperation with the AD Radio, highlighting successful and inspiring young Emirati personalities who have left a positive mark locally and internationally. Likewise, “Al-Khamsoon” is a documentary show that highlights the UAE’s continued march towards the future.

Sports offerings

Abu Dhabi Sports Channel has also announced 11 new programs, including the “Sawt Al Khaleej” on social media, “Nahnu Hunna”, a show addressing the achievements of those with determination.

Also showing on AD Sports, is Abu Dhabi Al Yawm, hosted by Osama Al Amiri, returning by popular demand and focusing on UAE sporting topics.

AD Sports will be focusing in this next phase on broadcasting digital content through its social media pages, AD Sports website and refurbished Apps, available on Apple store and Android store.

Abu Dhabi’s exclusively digital platform, Mohtawa will launch five new programmes including “#Flash_back_Arabic”, a show that provides a comprehensive historical review of the inventions that we use today, “Mish Ajel”, a show focusing on political topics in a comedic approach, and “Mohtawa News”, which reviews the most important news in the digital world.

Also launching on Motawa is “#Oloum Media”, which sheds light on scientific topics in a simple and entertaining ways to cater to youth; “Illa Ain” a program that addresses social issues that concern the Arab youth on social media from different angles.

Popular demand

As for Abu Dhabi Radio, the new programmes grid for Emirates FM includes the return of the various popular by demand programmes, including the distinguished heritage competition “Egga Bahr” as well as “Mahattat Al Thaheira”, which encourages open dialogue and interaction with users. The comedy show “Drayesh” that discusses a different locally relevant topic in each episode, will also be returning.

Other programs launching on Emirates FM include “Aqrab Qareeb”, features stars from the Gulf region, “Ala Fikra” that discusses topics that tackle concerns of people and the society, “Ala Thaw’ak” an interactive program where listeners can choose songs and interact with the listeners.

Meanwhile, Star FM will be launching 3 hours of French language content every evening from 8:00pm-11:00pm; in addition to the English language content available on its frequency as well as Radio 1 and Radio 2.

As for the Holy Quran Radio, it will feature 14 new programmes, including three direct weekly programmes, which are “Is’al Tabeebak”, a programme that focuses on promoting health awareness, “Al-Manhal”, a programme that seeks to improve the educational process and preserve the national identity, “Al Mustathmer”, a program which aims to spread investment awareness, by explaining government laws.

The new programmes of the Holy Qur’an radio station also include 10 new recorded programmes, including “Al Seera Al Nabawiya”, a programme which deals with the biography of Prophet Mohammed, PBOH, “Wamda Ijabiyah” a show that promotes ethical practices through positive action; “Hutha fi Balek Wafaker Fiha,” a program that focuses on life advice.

Cultural heritage

Abu Dhabi Radio, will be launching “Al Emarat Hatha Al Sabah” that discusses social and local issues through its various features; “Al Mawrouth Al Sha’bi”, a programme that features folk arts, customs and traditions of the UAE. In addition, the station will feature “Ruwad AL Ghina’a Al Khaleeji”, a weekly recorded show that features the Gulf singers of the Golden age. “Sawalef min Al Madi”, will be presented by poet Ali Al –Tamimi will highlight Old tales that showcase the value of preserving cultural heritage. ”Ala Keifak” is an interactive program will allow users to select songs through audioWhatsApp messages.

In the publishing sector, Abu Dhabi Media launched has completely revamped ‘Al-Ittihad’ newspaper, by promising digital and video first content, four exclusive programmes on its social media platforms, and more in depth focus and exclusive interviews and reports in print.

Al Ittihad’s exclusive shows on its social media platforms include the weekly show “Ba’ed El 90,” presented by Amer Abdullah, will air every Tuesday and feature the latest statistic of the Arab Gulf League; “Bi Eyoun Shababina,” presented by Mona Al Hammoudi and Nasser Al Jaberi, every Tuesday, will present a snapshot of the political and economic news. “Moujaz Al Emarat,” a daily show that airs at 8.30pm; will showcase the day in news.

Earlier in the year, Abu Dhabi Media announced the re-launch of “Zahrat Al Khaleej” magazine which will feature monthly in print, weekly through its TV show on ADTV and daily through its social and digital media platforms. Zahrat Al Khaleej will continue to focus on luxury and lifestyle topics; whilst also expanding its content to include men.

Also earlier in the year, Majid, the Arab world’s first home grown children comic, relaunched as “Majid World”, a comprehensive platform providing responsible and compelling content to children through a monthly print magazine as well as daily digital and Youtube content.