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Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Image Credit: Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: A man has been ordered by an Abu Dhabi Court to pay his wife Dh30,000 for insulting and assaulting her.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Court announced the final verdict as compensation for the moral, material and physical damage inflicted upon the Arab woman by the abuse.

According to court records, the woman had complained to authorities that her husband beat her, inflicting bruises on her person. She alleged that he also insulted her in front of others in a manner that was demeaning and hurtful, and damaging to her reputation.

The Court of First Instance convicted the man of the insult and assault charges, and ordered him to pay Dh10,000.

Following this, the defendant’s wife filed a civil lawsuit demanding Dh400,000 for the moral, material and physical damage she had endured. The defendant argued that the complaint was baseless, but the Civil Court of found in her favour and ordered the defendant to pay an additional Dh20,000. This increased the final compensation to Dh30,000.