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Dr. Sawsan Abdel-Razig, the Chief Academic Officer at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi; Dr. Cristiano Quintini, Chair of the Digestive Disease Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi; and Dr. Stephen Grobmyer, Chair of the Oncology Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi: Expert physicians, along with globally-renowned specialists, will delve into innovations in transplant care during two groundbreaking global medical summits here later this month.

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The move further supports the UAE’s efforts in organ donation and transplantation, said organisers, as Abu Dhabi host one of the world’s largest medical conferences, with top oncology and gastroenterology specialists from across the globe descending upon the UAE from April 19 to 21.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, a key player in the M42 group, is organising these important gatherings focused on cutting-edge oncology care and advancements.

The Cleveland Clinic Global Summit on Innovations in Cancer Care and Frontiers in Advanced Hepato-Biliary Cancers and Transplant Oncology will bring together over 50 experts in oncology and digestive diseases from Cleveland Clinic branches worldwide.

Medical education

This underscores the hospital’s significant role as a leader in medical education and innovation on a global scale.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is leading the charge in organising international medical conferences, attracting a select group of the world’s most renowned oncology and gastroenterology experts.

Additionally, it offers accredited continuing medical education activities in the region, enhancing the professional growth of healthcare practitioners in specialised care.

Elevating healthcare

As an Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) accredited hospital and provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME), Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has been at the forefront of elevating the healthcare sector in the UAE and the wider Gulf region with its complex care and innovative multidisciplinary expertise, attracting a global audience of medical educators, researchers, and clinicians.

The inaugural event, the Cleveland Clinic Global Summit on Innovations in Cancer Care, scheduled from April 19-21 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE, will be led by Dr. Faek Jamali, Consultant Surgical Oncologist and Colorectal Surgeon at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

The internationally recognised,CME-accredited summit by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) will cover a diverse array of topics, including cancer screening and prevention, and updates in surgical and radiation oncology.

Cancer detection  

The gathering of world-renowned oncology experts at the annual global platform will address the spike in cancer detection among an increasingly growing younger population, as reported by several international studies.

A special session on global oncology will also put spotlight on the unique challenges and opportunities for enhancing cancer care in the Middle East.

Additionally, the event will hold its inaugural annual award ceremony to pay tribute to global champions and influencers who have demonstrated unwavering dedication to driving awareness and advancing cancer care.

Cutting-edge interventions

The second event, Frontiers in Advanced Hepato-Biliary Cancers and Transplant Oncology, slated for April 27-28 at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, led by Dr. Cristiano Quintini, Institute Chair, General Surgery, Digestive Disease Institute, and CME accredited by Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) via Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, aims to bring together leading experts in transplant and hepatic, biliary, oncological diseases, to discuss cutting-edge interventions and innovations in the field.

The event will also see the launch of the annual Resident Surgery Education Week, where residents from all around the UAE will get practical hands-on skills and guidance from world renowned surgeons, learning tips and tricks of specific surgical techniques.

The programme will also include career planning and life lessons that are invaluable for young surgeons.

Dr. Sawsan Abdel-Razig, the Chief Academic Officer at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, said: “We stand at the forefront of global collaboration and medical advancement as we host these premier global medical education events. Aligned with our leadership’s commitment to excellence in healthcare, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has been dedicated to its core mission of educating healthcare professionals and is committed to its role in advancing medical knowledge with the highest standards of quality and safety”.


Dr. Stephen Grobmyer, Chair of the Oncology Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi said, “These global summits on complex oncology care is another milestone for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi following the opening of our dedicated cancer facility, the Fatima bint Mubarak Center.

“ By providing a platform for global thought leaders to converge, exchange ideas, and explore cutting-edge advancements, we aim not only to empower healthcare practitioners but also to catalyse transformative breakthroughs in complex oncology care that transcend borders.”

Dr. Quintini added: “We are immensely proud to host the two-day ACCME-accredited symposium on advanced hepato-biliary cancers and transplant oncology.

“The programme features a comprehensive agenda that explores cutting-edge technologies and breakthrough surgical procedures, aimed at providing the latest advancements to support improving patient outcomes.

From the transformative role of genomics in cancer detection and treatment, to insights into industry perspectives transcending geographical boundaries, these global summits promise to redefine the trajectory of oncological care.


To cap this global summit, attendees will have the opportunity to exclusively tour the first of its kind, Fatima bint Mubarak Cancer Center, modeled on Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Center— ranked one of the top cancer facilities in the US.

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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Fatima bint Mubarak Centre.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has remained steadfast in its commitment to pioneering excellence in healthcare in the region and beyond. Its innovative approach to care within oncology and digestive diseases amongst other specialties, enabled by cutting-edge technology, has positioned the hospital as a leader in complex care, offering patients access to cutting-edge therapies and personalised treatment plans tailored to their unique needs.