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The month-long short video campaigns launched by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Council covers important topics: respect for privacy, drug abuse, children’s rights, marital discord, family matters, driving culture and judicial processes.

Abu Dhabi: A month-long campaign highlighting key social issues has been initiated by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) as part of its Ramadan awareness drive.

The short video campaigns cover important topics: respect for privacy, drug abuse, children’s rights, marital discord, family dialogue, driving culture and judicial processes.

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The initiative comes in the form of seven short awareness and promotional films running on multiple TV channels and social media platforms.

Raising awareness

The initiative also aims to boost public awareness about the new and advanced services provided by the department and improve the legal culture among various segments of society.

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It addresses the issues of automatic alimony payment in personal status enforcement files and the cancellation of enforcement decisions related to automatic payment in all court decisions.

The department stated the awareness drive during Ramadan comes as part of its continuous efforts to spread legal culture and deliver educational messages to all members of society in innovative ways.

It embodies the vision and directives of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the UAE, Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Presidential Court and Chairman of the Judicial Department.

The official said promoting legal culture and raising levels of legal awareness among all members of society in a way that supports the maintenance of security and stability help enhance the competitiveness of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

‘Family Disagreements’

The department clarified that the awareness films released address certain behaviours, unfavourable events, and customs that have an impact on society’s values and principles.

These subjects are under the scanner by different departments of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, as well as through ongoing collaboration and coordination with key partners.

Threats to the family

The film “Family Disagreements” addresses the threats to the family and social life and the impact of preoccupation with the smartphone, social media, and video games and its effect on individuals and families.

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Tackling negligence

It also focuses on the importance of being responsible and maintaining family stability and the negative and harmful effects resulting from negligence.

More importantly, it highlights the rights, duties and responsibilities related to the family, and each individual member.

The short film highlighting children’s rights addresses the role and responsibility of parents in caring for their children, not exposing them to the risk of neglect, and taking care of their sound upbringing.

Drugs, driving

The awareness videos about the risks that come with drug abuse emphasises the perils of both using and dealing in narcotics.

It highlights the grave consequences caused by addiction – which can result in death – and the critical role parents play in guiding their children away from drugs.

The film about reckless driving raises awareness about the serious repercussions that drivers face as well as the value of driving defensively, thus avoiding putting other people’s lives at risk.


The video on respecting privacy also aims to raise awareness among users of social networking sites.

It tackles what constitutes privacy violation and intrusion into the private lives of others, while it underscores the negative consequences of sharing personal information – as well as the social damage and negative effects that arise from breach of privacy. It also discusses its legal ramifications.

Cancellation of execution decision

A promotional film also addresses the unique service in the region that the department recently launched. This involves the adoption of the automatic cancellation of execution decisions related to the payment of financial amounts in all judicial rulings.

This enables customers to obtain an immediate cancellation of execution decisions related to payment only, and get them approved electronically.

The e-approval is then sent to the authorities concerned with executing decisions, via an electronic link.


The second promotional film deals with the automatic disbursement of alimonies in personal status enforcement files.

This is the first-of-its-kind service in the region, as it enables customers to deposit the alimony amount by activating a virtual bank account in the name of the Judicial Department for each executive file.

This way, the money is automatically transferred to the judgement creditor’s account without the need for human intervention.