Al Saqir Business Men Services Centre in the Al Yarmook area near the Ministry of Labour in Sharjah. Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Sharjah: Thousands of people are set to lose their jobs as the Ministry of Labour in Sharjah has blocked its online connection to typing centres in the emirate and announced only one typing centre will handle its applications.

The typing centres, including those in Kalba and Khor Fakkan, were suddenly blocked from accessing the Ministry's online system on March 10, without any announcement, said owners of the centres.

More than 3,000 typing centres in Sharjah will be affected by the Ministry's decision. Typing centres usually fill out the applications for various services for workers and companies, such as applying for new labour cards and labour permits, and collect the application fees on behalf of the Ministry.


"More than 12,000 people will lose their jobs," said an owner of a typing centre in Sharjah.

"We were not informed about this. Suddenly the Ministry of Labour transaction systems in our offices stopped. When we checked with the labour department in Sharjah they said they had no clue," he said.

He then went to the Ministry of Labour headquarters in Dubai to inquire, but a senior official said he too did not know anything about the issue.

"We were not given time or a chance to do anything in this regard. The Ministry just forced us not to work and has given all the business to one private typing centre, owned by one person only," said another owner of a typing centre in Sharjah.

"We will lose our jobs. We have families here. We have children who go to schools and we have our dues and duties as parents," he said.

He said there are about 5,000 typing centres in the country and 3,000 of them are located in Sharjah.

Earlier, Humaid Bin Deemas, acting director in the Ministry of Labour said that the Ministry would restrict typing services to one office.

He said the Ministry wanted only one comprehensive office which would offer services to the public.

Gulf News tried to contact Bin Deemas, but got no response.

The Ministry of Labour has already closed down typing centres in Ajman and restricted it to one centre, owned by one person.

Abu Dhabi tried the same thing recently, but now lets the typing centres manage the application process.