Rasesh Shah, Vaastu and design consultant Image Credit: Supplied

You are a key speaker at the Indian Property Show this weekend. What will you be talking about?

The energy aspect of Vaastu, a traditional system of connecting architecture with nature using geometric patterns and directional alignments.

How do you apply Vaastu principles in modern settings?

I work around the design of a property to facilitate the flow of energy. The idea is to create harmonious surroundings for individuals and corporates.

Do properties have energies?

Yes. Every house has Earth, cosmic and structural energies. The direction of a property and its shape and design play an important part.

Which shape is good for a house according to vastu?

Homes with square or rectangular rooms are the best. Irregularly shaped rooms cut the free flow of energy and should therefore be avoided.

What is the solution for people living in such rooms?

In some cases, something as simple as rearranging the furniture can help. But there have been instances when we have had to recommend major structural modification.

You are a celebrity consultant. Who are your clients from Bollywood?

Rani Mukherjee and Anu Malik among many others.

Event details:

What: Credai Indian Property Show

Where: Dubai World Trade Centre
When: December 7-9
Contact: 04-388 5191