Dubai: Three Arab men were arrested after posting a clip on social media pretending to smoke hasheesh, Dubai Police said on Sunday.

Within a few hours of posting a video of themselves pretending to share a “joint” and saying “smoke hasheesh in Dubai”, the trio were located and arrested.

“We spotted the video on social media platforms and arrested the three men. They have been referred to competent authorities for legal action,” said Colonel Khalid Bin Moyazeh, deputy director of the anti-narcotics department.

He said social media platforms are not meant to be used for bragging or encouraging lewd behaviour. They also violate social values and harm the society.

Col Bin Moyazeh said Dubai Police closely monitors social media to track down those who promote drugs. They have also been successful in blocking several dubious websites in the country.

In 2019, Dubai Police blocked 50 websites and accounts promoting drugs and recorded 15 online drug cases.

Dubai Police urged the public to avoid sharing and reposting clips related to consuming drugs.

“Dubai Police has zero tolerance towards those who attempt to manipulate laws whether it is dealing with, promoting or trading in drugs. It also does not tolerate those who make video clips that spread destructive ideas,” Col Bin Moyzeah said.

What the law says

According to Article 29 of the cyber-crime law, anyone who publishes information, news or data on a website or any information network or information technology means with the intention of harming the reputation, prestige, or status of the country or any of its institutions can be punished with prison term and a fine not exceeding Dh1 million.