bank Fraud
The culprits Image Credit: Courtesy Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: A total of 29 suspects involved in a banking fraud have been arrested in a major operation carried out by the Abu Dhabi Police in cooperation with both the Dubai and Ajman Police.

The suspects – all Asian – were part of four gangs that would regularly try to access people’s bank accounts by way of a scam. The suspects would call potential victims and try to dupe them into divulging their bank account details by telling them that their account or cards needed to be updated.

Brigadier General Mohammad Suhail Al Rashdi, director of the Criminal Security sector at Abu Dhabi Police, said the police was committed to tackling this type of criminal activity, and also thanked both the Dubai and Ajman Police for their cooperation.

Brigadier General Omran Ahmed Al Mazrouei, director of Criminal Investigations Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said the suspects were arrested at their places of residence, which they were using as call centres.

Al Mazrouei said that 25 of the suspects were located in Ajman, with the other four in Dubai, and that the arrests took place over different times.

Al Mazrouei urged members of the community to report any fraudulent attempts on their bank account by contacting their nearest police station or by the Aman toll free number (8002626).

Brigadier General Muslim Al Ameri, deputy director of the Criminal Security sector, said that bank account holders should not respond to phone calls asking them for their banking details.

The latest bust is one of several that have been carried out this year targeting banking fraud gangs. In August, three gangs with 25 suspects were arrested for fraud. Another major bust took place in April, with 24 suspects being arrested. In February, two other gangs were rounded up; their operation was so sophisticated that members would receive monthly salaries and incentives for their criminal activity.

How to avoid getting scammed

-Never give your banking details to a caller claiming to be a representative of your bank – they will never call you asking for such details

-Verify the source of the call

-Block suspicious numbers