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Key officials at Tuesday's press conference in Sharjah Image Credit: Aghaddir Ali, Senior Reporter

SHARJAH: As many as 2,800 industrial companies have been asked to mandatorily install CCTV cameras, even as they will be linked directly to the Sharjah Police Operation Room to enhance security in the industrial sector.

An announcement to this effect was made at a press conference held on Tuesday at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce in the presence of Ziyad Mahmoud Al Hajji, Member of the Board of Directors of the SCCI, Lieutenant Colonel Jassem Al Suwaidi, Head of the Community Police Department in Sharjah, Lt Col Muhammed Hassan Abdullah, head of community awareness section, Community Department, Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, Director of the Economic Relations and Marketing Department in the SCCI, Jamal Bouzengal, Director of the Media Department in the SCCI and Lalu Samuel, Chairman of the Representative Committee of the Industry Sector Business Group.

At the event, Sharjah Police in cooperation with SCCI also launched a year-long community awareness campaign in Sharjah’s industrial zones under the theme that safety is key to the success of a business.

Lt. Col. Al Suwaidi said that police will visits all premises in the entire emirate of Sharjah and educate them about safety measures to protect their businesses. He said that all industrial companies must install CCTVs and they will be connected to the police operation room.

Thefts come down

He pointed out that theft cases at companies had sharply dropped during 2020.

He urged business owners to report any negative phenomenon around their premises to the police. They could call toll free number Najeed at 800151 or contact Guard service (via police website or police smart application).

Meanwhile, the number of establishments registered in Sharjah has reached 70,000, officials said.

Among the security measures that industrial companies were told to adopt were installing high-quality surveillance cameras that cover and monitor the largest area possible, installing fire alarm systems, hiring qualified and well-trained security guards and making sure that the facility is closed properly at the end of official working hours.

Lauding the efforts of Sharjah Police to ensure security, Al Hajji pointed to the importance of the campaign in enhancing awareness about the safety measures.

“We at the SCCI are committed to playing an active role in making the emirate’s economic life flourish, in cooperation with the competent authorities and institutions and through the joint work with different community sectors,” he added.

Al Jarwan affirmed the chamber’s keenness to enhance the effective partnership between security authorities and business sector facilities to create a safer environment.

Samuel highlighted the importance of the campaign in enhancing knowledge of the security and safety measures in industrial facilities and fostering a safe environment.