The name and shame drive
The name and shame drive Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Names and photos of 13 violators of the COVID-19 precautionary measures were published by the UAE Public Prosecution on Thursday on Twitter.

The violators were fined between Dh2,000 and Dh10,000 for various health and safety violations. They were slapped fines for not wearing masks, breaching curfew rules, holding gatherings and attending parties.

Five people, including four Arab nationals and one Asian, were fined for violating the restrictions imposed on gatherings and holding of private parties. One Arab woman was fined Dh10,000, while the other four were slapped with a Dh5,000 fine each.

Three Asians were fined Dh3,000 each for not wearing masks while in their private vehicles.

Three others, including two Asians and an Emirati, were also fined Dh3,000 each for travelling during movement restrictions.

Two people, one Emirati and an Asian, were slapped with a Dh2,000 fine each for violating decisions issued by the each emirate to limit the spread of communicable diseases.

The naming and shaming initiative is part of the country’s efforts to discourage residents from violating the health and safety regulations announced during the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.