Mahzooz’s 116th Super Saturday draws in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Mahzooz’s 116th Super Saturday draws witnessed 731 participants take home Dh1,551,300 in total prize money. Operated by EWINGS, Mahzooz, the weekly draw has created 31 millionaires in two years.

While the grand prize of Dh10 million went unclaimed this week, the draws saw as many as 10 participants matching four out of five numbers and sharing the second prize of Dh1,000,000, securing Dh100,000 each.

As many as 718 other winners matched three out of five numbers and received the third prize of Dh350 each. The weekly raffle draw saw three participants share Dh300,000 among them. The lucky winners who received Dh100,000 each were Jebel, Lolyn and Aida all from the Philippines. The winning raffle numbers were 30365928, 30537666 and 30570248 respectively.