Multi-speciality. Emirates Hospital, which will offer a wide range of services, has 45 consultation rooms Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/XPRESS

Dubai: A 100-bed private hospital with inpatient rooms facing the sea will open its doors in Jumeirah in April, XPRESS has learnt.

The new Emirates Hospital, covering 140,000 square feet, is located off the Dubai Canal on Jumeirah Beach Road.

Pramod Balakrishnan, CEO of the Emirates Hospital Group, said, “The hospital will primarily have US and European-board certified doctors and state-of-the-art equipment with an emphasis on quality. We will have dedicated executive check-up clinics and a full-scale maternity suite along with an NICU (three beds) and SCBU (four beds).” The equipment will include a 3.0 tesla MRI, 256 slice CT scan, a cath lab and laboratory.

Balakrishnan said besides 29 inpatient rooms that face the sea, the hospital will have one royal suite and three VIP suites that will also overlook the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai Canal.

Emergency care

He said the hospital will provide 24/7 emergency care with eight beds and have dedicated clinics for pediatrics sub-specialities like general surgery, orthopaedics etc, along with a four-bed High Dependency Unit. It will also have a dedicated suite for gastroenterology, including OP clinics, endoscopy and colonoscopy units. The hospital will have four Intensive Care beds and four Critical Care beds, besides six day-care beds and 18 recovery rooms.

Balakrishnan said the hospital will have 45 consultation rooms in all, including five each for executive check-up, gynaecology and paediatrics, three each for orthopaedics, ENT, internal medicine, general surgery and accident and emergency and two each for breast surgery, endocrinology, urology, cardiology and gastroenterology and one each for nutrition, opthalmology, rheumatology and nephrology.