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WhatsApp video voice notes have begun rolling out in the UAE and will be available in most countries soon Image Credit: WhatsApp

WhatsApp has rolled out its latest game-changer — Instant Video Messaging — feature in the UAE.

Remember how those voice messages shook up the way we chat? Well, brace yourselves, because WhatsApp just cranked it up a notch.

You can now zap short, snappy video messages right into your conversations, adding that personal touch that only a video can deliver. And guess what? These ain’t your ordinary videos — they’re real-time bursts of YOU in action, all packed into a nifty 60-second window.

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Got the scoop
Now you can shoot and share snazzy personal videos right in your chats! These instant video messages are the talk of the town, allowing you to strut your stuff for up to 60 glorious seconds. And don't worry, it is safe – they're protected with that top-notch end-to-end encryption

Movie studio in your pocket

Think about it: no more boring texts describing an action scene or a scene from a game when you can shoot and share a video of yourself reacting, emoting, and just being you. Send out a birthday shoutout, crack up at a friend’s joke, or beam with joy over some fantastic news — it’s like being there in person, minus the jet lag!

It’s easy too. Just tap the microphone option on a chat window, switch to video mode, and hold that button to record your short video. Want to go hands-free? Just swipe up to lock and let the camera roll — it’s like your own little movie studio in your pocket!

Switching: Mic to Camera
Navigating this is a breeze. Just give that microphone button a tap, situated at the bottom right of your screen, and like magic, it morphs into the camera icon

Ultimate communication tool

Worried about making a silent debut? Don’t be! These video gems autoplay on mute, but with one tap, you’re blasting off with sound and making sure everyone hears you.

And let’s not forget the security; WhatsApp’s got your back with end-to-end encryption, ensuring your creations stay for your eyes only.

This isn’t just a video revolution; it’s a voice note-video mash-up that brings the best of both worlds, blending voice notes and videos to create the ultimate communication tool.

The Coolest New WhatsApp Feature! Beebom/Tech That Matters

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Like voice messages, these video messages will come in handy because they won't clog your phone's camera roll with fleeting clips.

So, ready to take the plunge? Get out there and start shooting, swiping, and sharing.

Whether you’re on Android or iOS, WhatsApp’s even rolling out the red carpet for those with slower internet and lower-end devices. Everyone gets to be creative with this feature!

So, what are you waiting for? Lights, camera, WhatsApp — action! Your chats will never be the same again.