HONOR global CEO George Zhao explains how AI can enable human-centric mobile functions at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. Image Credit: Biju Mathew/Gulf News

Barcelona, Spain: Global technology brand HONOR continues its impressive trajectory after a successful year in sales and innovation. CEO George Zhao, known for his optimism, has forecast another strong year ahead with the launch of the new, on-device AI-enabled Magic series.

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While the world grapples with a chipset shortage, HONOR's strategic planning has positioned it as a market leader, ready to capitalize on the opportunity. The company achieved a remarkable 200% growth in 2023, and Zhao predicts a bright future with 100% further growth expected.

HONOR's on-device AI platform, unlike cloud-based solutions, promises to be a game-changer. Speaking at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, Zhao expressed his confidence, stating, "Even in airplane mode, our AI works. On-device AI will improve security and performance."


HONOR's global ambitions are evident in its focus on high-end, innovative smartphones. As Zhao explains, Europe has a saturated low-end market, and HONOR now seeks to establish itself in the high-end segment.

Research and development are crucial to HONOR's progress, and the company invests heavily in this area. Their commitment is exemplified by the launch of the AI-infused Magic 6 Pro in Barcelona. This flagship boasts a motion-sensing camera and anticipates user needs for efficient app navigation.

"AI changes everything and can make fantastic things happen," declared Zhao, outlining the company's AI strategy. This involves creating an "intent-based user interface" for a seamless experience across various devices and systems.

Zhao highlighted HONOR's new Magic Portal feature. Users can tap and drag text messages containing, for example, a restaurant name, and instantly access its location in Google Maps. This exemplifies how AI anticipates user needs, aiming to provide an enhanced experience.

HONOR is open to collaborating with industry partners to develop its AI capabilities. George Zhao mentioned using Facebook owner Meta Platforms' open-source Llama 2 model for text generation and answering user questions on the Magic 6 Pro.

HONOR fosters open collaboration with Google, Qualcomm, Intel, NVIDIA, and Microsoft, achieving excellent results thus far.

George Zhao is hoping to bring HONOR to more countries and add AI-enabled human-centric technology for a smarter future.