The '' tech suite has picked up 29 mandates from global banks, according to the fintech Intellect Design Arena. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The fintech Intellect Design Arena has launched the, targeted at the banking sector in the Middle East.

Billed as a ‘first principles’ technology suite, the platform helps with a range of ‘micro-services’ in the financial sector.

“Intellect’s technology leveraged the smartness of the cloud to design bankers’ own business impact solutions based on event-driven architecture,” said Arun Jain, the Chairman and Managing Director and chief architect of Intellect Design Arena.

“We have secured 29 mandates from global banks who have chosen to use services. We have conducted over 150 workshops to assist these banks in designing their future strategies around customer opportunities rather than just focusing on technology maximisation and optimisation.”

This ‘first principles’ technology helps banks maintain an acute customer focus, be it in their retail, private banking, SME or Corporate divisions. This is through ‘events’ in clients’ financial journey, or those created by bank operations or generated by regulators.

“Financial institutions orchestrate their offerings based on these events to ensure customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance,” said Intellect Design Arena in statement. “This orchestration is done using a well-defined set of self-sufficient services referred to as micro-services in the tech community.”