Instilling the right attitude in children is central to coaching at Real Boxing Only
Instilling the right attitude in children is central to coaching at Real Boxing Only Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Real Boxing Only gym in Al Quoz, with the support of the UAE Boxing Federation and Adidas Boxing, has launched an anti-bullying campaign before school returns to highlight the subject and help children with the serious issue.

Boxers from around the world have started posting ‘#BeBrave not a bully’ as local gym Real Boxing Only discussed how intimidating an individual is a problem and are hoping to raise awareness on how boxing can help stop bullying.


“Because of the principles we instill in the kids here as part of my classes, there are five-year old’s that are confident enough to lead the warm-up in front of 15 other kids in class,” says Waleed Din, Head Trainer, Real Boxing Only gym.

Waleed, who is a professional boxer from the UK, is a big advocate behind the principles he teaches the children in the gym, based on what boxing imparted to him – a strong sense of self, inner confidence, a good work ethic and respect for others.

Boxing has had a violent reputation in the past but the most important ideologies of boxing are self-discipline, respect for others and confidence along with the physical fitness which attributes to helping individuals with coordination, become fit and feel strong, thus assisting children, teens and adults with anxiety and gaining a sense of confidence.

David Coldwell, Mo Ali Bayat, Jordan Gill, Shakan Pitters, Anthony Fowler, Ryan Kelly, Steed Woodall, Hannah Rankin, Lerrone Richards and Hamzah Sheeraz are just a few of those in the boxing scene supporting the dialogue by posting online #BeBrave not a bully – to show that boxers are brave and not bullies.