Participants during the work out at Dubai Sports World in WTC Image Credit: PHOTO:ATIQ-UR-REHMAN


Amid the plethora of sporting activities taking place inside the Dubai Sports World arena is one which, as any sportsperson will tell you, is easily the most important of all. It is an attribute required in whatever sport you undertake, so it’s hardly surprising to see fitness enthusiasts and professional sportspersons make a beeline for the state-of-the-art equipment put in place by the Original Fitness Company.

David Crocker, who is the operations manager of Original Fitness Co is at hand along with the CEO and Founder Corey K Oliver to oversee the workouts and the former told XPRESS: “The idea is to get people fitter and faster here. We have beginners as well as pros, so we have different training methods. And for those who are fasting, we give them more water breaks and drop the intensity.”

Crocker added that they mostly follow what is called the High Intensity Internal Training (HIIT). “It is a serious workout and includes compound, multi-joint and cardio, basically all aspects of functional training. We have all kinds of equipment which is why we have professionals from various sports like rugby, athletics and triathlon coming here.”

The first session is free and while participants can choose a package from Dh400 for eight weeks or Dh550 for 12 weeks, Crocker said that there is always an incentive at the end of the training sessions. “We will have the Urban Sprint Challenge right here at the end of August. We had the Burpee Mile before as part of our corporate wellness programme,” he said.

With bootcamps being a craze these days, Crocker said that they still stick to what they call The Workouts. “That’s basically high intensity circuit training. We were here long before the other players arrived and while bootcamps are a rage now, we prefer this method,” he said.

And while enthusiasts can burn calories or pump it up in the indoor facility for now, Original Fitness Co also conduct sessions at JBR Walk, Safa Park and Mirdiff round the year for those eager to sweat it out. And yes, you can also avail their personal training facilities.