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UAE: A champion for gender equality

A huge round of applause for the UAE (“UAE ranked 7th globally, 1st regionally in Gender Balance Index 2024”, Gulf News, March 14)! The recent news of the country ranking seventh globally and first regionally in the Gender Balance Index 2024 is a remarkable achievement. This recognition is a testament to the UAE’s ongoing commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women across all sectors. The advancements highlighted in the Index, such as women’s participation in the workforce and leadership positions, are truly inspiring. These strides forward pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous society for all.

The UAE’s leadership deserves credit for creating a supportive environment that allows women to thrive. Initiatives like equal pay regulations and flexible work arrangements are crucial steps towards achieving true gender balance.

Looking ahead, it is important to ensure these positive trends continue. Continued investment in education and skills development for women will further strengthen their economic participation. Additionally, fostering a culture that celebrates diversity and challenges unconscious bias will be key to sustaining this progress. The UAE’s success in gender balance serves as a powerful example for the region and the world. We must continue to strive for a future where women’s voices are heard, their talents are valued, and their contributions are celebrated.

From Ms Layla Ahmed


UAE bridging cultures

I loved the recent article about the Korean expatriate community in the UAE (“Find your Seoul-mate in the UAE: Thriving Korean expat community”, Gulf News, March 15). The article’s portrayal of Koreans connecting through shared experiences, from playground conversations to sporting events, highlights the power of community in fostering a sense of belonging abroad. The inclusion of UAE Chingus, a group that bridges cultural divides, further emphasises the UAE’s welcoming and multicultural environment. The UAE is home away from home for many expatriates from different countries around the world. Here we have always learned how to be open and accepting to the traditions of others, and even learning many multicultural values.

As someone who is interested in Korean culture, I found this article to be both informative and heartwarming. It serves as a reminder of the importance of building bridges and fostering connections across cultures.

From Ms Priya Sharma


Perfect Ramadan recipes

I would like to thank Gulf News for their Ramadan recipe videos, (“Your Ramadan Table: Roasted pumpkin soup with garlic curry oil”, Gulf News, March 12). I particularly appreciate the cooking tips shared by Chef John Buenaventura. Like when making the pumpkin soup, he suggested as using large vegetables for the stock and avoiding over-simmering. These details will surely be helpful for readers looking to create this dish at home. I have found this recipe, and all the others shared so far, to be both inspiring and practical. I look forward to trying it out during Ramadan, and even later. Thank you for sharing the delicious recipes.

From Ms Ayesha Khan


Wellbeing boosts productivity

A growing body of research and real-world examples suggest that reducing the traditional workweek can lead to significant benefits for both employers and employees (“4-day workweek: Countries and companies where it’s gaining ground”, Gulf News, February 25). The recent article on the four-day workweek gaining traction in various countries highlights this trend. While the concept of working fewer hours may seem counterintuitive, studies have shown that a shorter workweek can actually lead to increased productivity. By streamlining their workday and focusing on core tasks, employees can achieve more within a reduced timeframe. This eliminates distractions and encourages better time management.

Furthermore, a shorter workweek can significantly improve employee well-being. With more time for rest and personal pursuits, employees return to work feeling more energised and engaged. This can lead to a reduction in burnout and absenteeism, ultimately benefiting the organisation.

The four-day workweek is not without its challenges. Careful planning and implementation are crucial. However, the potential for increased productivity, improved employee well-being, and a better work-life balance make it a compelling proposition for organisations to consider.

From Ms Isabel Santos


Cheers to a sustainable future

A big congratulations to Dubai for the fantastic achievement of reducing single-use plastic water bottle usage by nearly 18 million in just two years (“Dubai Can cuts single-use plastic bottle usage by 18 million in 2 years”, Gulf News, March 14)! The success of the Dubai Can initiative, as highlighted in the recent Gulf News article is truly commendable.

This initiative demonstrates Dubai’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its leadership in tackling plastic pollution. The installation of public water stations not only provides a convenient alternative to bottled water, but also encourages residents and visitors to make conscious choices for the environment.

The reduction of 18 million plastic bottles is a significant milestone, but it’s just the beginning. Let’s support the authorities by raising more awareness at home and in our communities, promote reusable water bottles, and explore further solutions to minimise plastic waste. The success of Dubai Can serves as an inspiration for other cities to implement similar initiatives. By working together, we can create a more sustainable future for our planet. Thank you, Dubai Can, for leading the way!

From Mr Ravi Patel


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