20200628 Saeed bin Ahmed Lootah
Saeed Bin Ahmed Lootah Image Credit: Gulf News archives

UAE: Schools in Sharjah reopen with precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Today I read a news on gulfnews.com that Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has decided to open schools for the next academic year and next term in some curriculums (“Students in Sharjah to physically return to school in September”, Gulf News, June 29). As a parent, this is a piece of good news. My child is really happy to return to the physical school building. Even though he wanted to study from home before the pandemic, now we have realised the difficulty of learning from home. Not only is it difficult for parents, it has been a tough time for students, too. I have learned from my child that during these online sessions, he has received a lot of homework. Online classes were making him tired, and he always complains about his eyes hurting. So when I told him his school was reopening in September, for the first time I could see him being happy to go to school. Thank you Gulf News for conveying such happy news to us.

From Mr Harman


Tribute to Saeed Bin Ahmed Lootah

An era has come to an end with the passing away of the prominent Emirati businessman and philanthropist, Saeed Bin Ahmed Lootah, whose touch is seen in several aspects of the UAE economy, construction, banking, philanthropy, education, environment - he was a multifaceted personality (“Saeed bin Ahmed Al Lootah: A life lived by Islamic principles”,Gulf News, June 28). He was an extremely wise, meticulous and generous person, who had a flair for entrepreneurship or business acumen that few people have from the beginning, which helps them to build a business empire. In 1956, he had set up "Saeed and Sultan contracting company" with his brother Sultan, which has undertaken large high-quality projects.

Saeed Lootah's generosity was legendary, who was also called the father of contemporary Islamic finance and will be best remembered, for setting up the world's first Islamic bank. With his demise, we have lost a kind man who had devoted his entire life to support people. Through Dubai Islamic bank, his ambition was to create more and more jobs by extending finances to entrepreneurs.

He will be dearly missed for his brilliant work in charity, who transferred the life of so many lives through his charitable work. The high point of his life was his endless desire to make life better for those who needed it the most. Great people die leaving a legacy to be proud of and achievements that are long remembered even after demise, Saeed Bin Ahmed Lootah will be forever remembered for his exemplary entrepreneurship and commitment to the nation. Best tribute to him will be to carry on his work of charity with greater zeal.

From Mr Ramesh G Jethwani

Bangalore, India

Football: Liverpool’s crowning achievement in English Premier League

The pandemic upset life all over the world and it also led to the suspension of the English Premier League for 100 days (“Premier League champions: Klopp has turned doubters into true believers with Liverpool”, Gulf News, June 26). Liverpool supporters (there are far too many around the world & UAE has plenty too!) underwent a nervous wait to see how the season would end. One of the suggestions was to call off the league results and declare it null and void! Liverpool's 30-year wait for the top title would again be lost. Jurgen Klopp's side needed one victory to seal the league, which they did by beating Crystal Palace 4-0 and their quest was over on Thursday night with Manchester City losing 2-1 at Chelsea to confirm that LP is Premier League champions. It is Liverpool's 19th top title and their first since 1989-90. This feat is incredible, which they got with seven more games in the league remaining! In winning the league after 31 games, Liverpool has recorded the earliest Premier League victory by matches played, which is a great record in itself.

The highlight has been the camaraderie within the team and true to the club’s tagline “Never Walk Alone” fixed in cast iron above the gates of the stadium at Anfield as a permanent reminder to fans and players.

Mohamed Salah, one of the most favourite of Liverpool’s players is famous and the kindest with immense humility that has made him a hero in the city of Liverpool and his fans have coined a song for him: “Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Running down the wing. Mo Salah la-la-la la-ahh, The Egyptian King. If he’s good enough for you, he’s good enough for me.”

Congratulations Liverpool! You made us all very proud. Keep it up.

From Mr Yousuf Sait


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