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COVID-19: Children making most of E-learning

There is nowhere we would be rather than in the UAE (“UAE schools ensure quality of e-learning remains high”, Gulf News, June 04). The Ministry of Education guidelines have helped children to stay safe through the online school. Kids have learnt innovative ways to make the best of their time constructively. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online learning has become more centric in people's lives. The pandemic has forced schools, universities, and companies to remote working and this emphasises the usage of online learning. It was my daughter Faith’s birthday on June 8 2020.

The past few months she spent wondering how she would spend her birthday knowing she wouldn’t be able to celebrate her birthday physically with her friends. But then as time drew closer, she came up with the idea of inviting her friends on a video call to celebrate it together, a friend volunteered to coordinate the whole video call invites and the meeting turned to be perfect. Another facility to thank is the online shopping where the orders reached before her birthday.

Faith says she is grateful to God, parents and all her friends who made her year 2020 birthday super special and beyond her expectation!

From Mrs Sunita Lobo


COVID-19: When you are away from home

Normally it is said that the 1990´s expatriate kids who were born and brought up in the Gulf have more affinity towards the region (“COVID-19: Are we already living the new normal in the UAE?”, Gulf News, May 27). I'm sure it's true. I have seen Dubai as my first home, despite being an Indian by passport.

The lockdown and flying restrictions have made our bonding tougher. Most often we rely on certain apps to be in touch with friends and family residing in the Emirates. Previously the case was different during weekends in Dubai. The nightlife, restaurants, cruising, malls, etc. are just a few things out of the many that we miss.

It's been over a year or more since my wife Greeshma and myself moved to Europe from the United Arab Emirates. Our initial plan was to at least visit the Emirates every six months, which was very much possible in terms of cost factor as well. There existed amazing travel offers in Dubai, which are not found anymore. We have had our child Ziaan on May 15, 2020. He does not possess any travel issue but the current pandemic has defined and set our limitations.

The deepest feeling of flying back home cannot be simply expressed in words. Even if the pandemic situation comes to a halt, the possibilities of immediate travel have to be thought over again. The wheels are very much in motion for a vaccine and we expect the positive to happen which enables everything to be back in perfect shape.

From Mr Daniel Varghese

Sankt Augustin, Germany

Cricket: Kapil Dev and the historic 1983 World Cup

Without a doubt, first love cannot be forgotten (“COVID-19: Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev back initiative to help needy cricketer”, Gulf News, May 03). So is the case with any maiden victory and Indian cricket team’s maiden World Cup win in 1983, under the able leadership of legendary Kapil Dev, who led from the front. That victory was possible only due to our captain's self-belief to conquer any top team. He had able soldiers, who turned in with an all-round performance to topple the then world champion West Indies team, led by Clive Lloyd.

During the finals, it was the running catch of our captain to dismiss the marauding Vivian Richards, which turned the result in our favour. Kapil Dev’s team instilled the belief and confidence for the youngsters to topple mighty teams, which was later on emulated by M. S. Dhoni to lift the World Cup in ODI in 2011. Long live Indian Cricket.

From Mr Vinay Mahadevan

Chennai, India

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