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People spread hope amid COVID-19 pandemic

The last few months have been extremely trying for most of us. Some have taken it in their stride while others have shown clear signs of stress.

The pandemic has brought about a fear that we’ve never experienced before. God has been merciful and blessed the UAE and its leadership for the utmost care and quick decisions taken because of which both the citizens and residents are slowly but surely getting ready for normal life to start again. Working from home taught me a basic need to belong and reminded me of relationships within the family as I got to spend more time with the people who love and care. The lockdown gave us a scary feeling; an unknown foe made us realise how vulnerable we humans can be! May God help everyone to overcome this pandemic.

From Mr Yousuf Sait


COVID-19: Importance of mass testing in UAE

Congratulations to the authorities on completing the testing program in Musaffah (“COVID-19: Testing drive in Musaffah in Abu Dhabi completed”, Gulf News, June 23). Since this place is an industrial area and contains labour camps in large numbers and where rooms are shared by many people. This is why it was necessary to conduct the mass screening of the residents of Musaffah. The UAE will always be at the top as we have the best team to take effort at the right time. But there's one thing I know for sure – the UAE will survive this pandemic.

From Mr Abdul Rehman


Creating Chaos amid COVID-19

World Health Organization (WHO) will keep on changing their statements (“The battle is not over: Rising infections seen worldwide”, Gulf News, June 23). They are creating a sense of fear in people which is turning now to stress, depression which will do more damage than the coronavirus itself. We all know it will take some time to come out of this situation. We have to live with our hopes held high and should follow the guidelines and face the pandemic responsibly.

From Mr Rehman Sha


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