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‘Thank you Gulf News for being a part of my life in the UAE’

Alhamdulillah, it’s such an amazing and humbling feeling when you can take a step back and just examine your life in its entirety. You realise how the hardships, the highs and lows, and everyone in your life has made you the person you are today. As I turn 50 today, I wanted to take this opportunity to express gratitude and sincere thanks to the people who have at some stage of life helped or assisted me in some way or the other, guided me, supported me unconditionally, have stood with me in challenging times. Yes, I do believe that people come into our lives for a reason…. No matter how big or small of a role each person played in your life. I am confessing happily and thankful that Gulf News is one such entity.

It is a memorable journey and Gulf News was always a part of my daily life as a family member. Can’t believe it is almost thirty years that I moved to Dubai and came into contact with the leading newspaper of UAE. However slowly over a period, I actually got addicted to reading Gulf News and would feel a vacuum in my day If I missed reading it some day due to any reason.

Gulf News started playing different roles in my life. Indeed, I would rely on it as there was no digital world as today to get updates with what’s happening locally in the Nation, the Gulf and Middle East in general, at the same time all the important news from my home country and happenings around the world.

When I got married and my wife joined me in Dubai, she didn’t know to cook and here Friday magazines recipes helped her, and she would look forward to the weekly edition to learn new recipes. She, in fact, started to collect the magazine. Gulf News became an important source of legal information with Ask The Law featuring regularly and so many topics covered that helped in understanding the local rules and regulations.

It always touched me emotionally when I saw that many people who were going through a difficult time and stories got featured in Gulf News, and with this initiative so many people could come forward and offer help.

Gulf News also became a source of inspiration with true stories of people who came to Dubai almost empty-handed and made a fortune with all the hard work and efforts, and today they are established business houses. Every story is unique, motivating with good learnings and very inspirational for any aspiring entrepreneur.

It is not just the news, it is a holistic experience, the paper quality, the layout of the news into sections and topics are very engaging and hence incomparable to other newspapers. I would also express my sincere thanks to the circulation team for their best in class service, be it summer or winter I would find Gulf News without fail or delay every day delivered to my home. Special thanks for taking special care and going the extra mile during the pandemic and delivering the newspaper wrapped in a special sleeve – this was cool and caring.

From Mr Nasser Mulla


Dubai: Filipina driver’s nephew says thank you to Gulf News

With overwhelming gratitude, we thank you so much for hearing our request for a public service to publish my aunt's plight of seeking financial help (“Filipina driver in Dubai seeks help to settle hospital bill”, Gulf News, June16). We never expected such a huge blessing that came to rescue us in this financial crisis that we are facing. Because of Gulf News, I've become an instant celebrity. I was surprised by a phone call that shouldered my aunt's Hospital bill and paid it in full. We are fortunate to be one of the recipients of the Emirates Lotto charity program.

From Mr Vincent Barnes


COVID-19: Global women leadership in the pandemic

A number of international women leaders are effectively combating the pandemic when compared to their male counterparts(“COVID-19: Global women leadership in the pandemic”, Gulf News, June 14). The leadership role of women in Germany, Iceland, New Zealand, Taiwan and Finland make us think that women have great leadership qualities. They show technical, professional expertise. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took swift decision to block borders. She has remained outstanding across the year but in the pandemic, Ardern has been marvelous in taking appropriate decisions and enforcing lockdown in the country. Nowadays, New Zealand is almost a corona-free country. Another lady is Iceland Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir, she offered free tests to all citizens, and she handled coronavirus smartly. Another one is German Chancellor Angela Markel, who addressed her nation at an early stage and maintained mortality rate far below its neighbouring countries. All the leadership has been exceptional in dealing with the pandemic. Once Margaret Thatcher said if you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman. Half of our world population comprises women but few are in the position of decision making. Many women do not rise to leadership positions due to gender inequalities in education. On the other hand, Western male leadership is struggling in dealing with coronavirus. US President Donald Trump sometimes denounces the pandemic and then criticises China for the virus. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being attacked by the Opposition in the handling of the coronavirus pandemic. If women are given equal opportunities globally, they will be far ahead.

From Mr Humayun Hafeez

Karimabad, Pakistan

Grave situation in India-China stand-off

The Indo-China border is burning with many skirmishes and both sides blaming each other for border violations (“ De-escalate and disengage, now the buzzwords in India-China standoff, experts say”, Gulf News, June21). While the decision by the Indian Prime Minister forcefully to oppose Chinese attempts at changing the status quo on the line of control and especially in the sensitive Daulat Beg Oldi sector is reassuring, but it fails to address the central problem of sustained piecemeal territorial advancement by China. Diplomatic talks between the two countries are highly necessary to non-escalate the situation. Time for the United Nations to interfere and take control of the situation before it gets out of hands.

From Mr Thomas Matthew Parackel

Kerala, India

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