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India with the highest number of COVID-19 cases

High infection rates of COVID-19 in India is alarming (“Coronavirus cases set to explode, hospitals running out of beds”, Gulf News, June 09) . India records highest single-day jump in coronavirus cases. The country has now become the fourth most affected nation by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite a host of new measures implemented by the Indian government, the number of people infected with the virus has yet to come down. I believe this is due to people's carelessness, as many in the country are not following the rules put in place by the state for their own protection. As a result, the pandemic is now spreading faster than ever before. It is high time for the people of India to face the pandemic responsibly.

From Mr K Ragavan


Lifting of COVID-19 restrictions

It seems COVID-19 cases are coming down in the UAE (“No COVID-19 here: Countries with zero cases, or the least affected”, Gulf News, June 14). Let us hope and pray that Dubai will match New Zealand soon and be COVID-19 free with complete freedom for all to work without any restrictions.

From Mr Hiro Bachani


COVID-19: shaping life under the pandemic

This pandemic is something which can't be forgotten ("COVID-19: what will our new normal feel like”, Gulf News, April21). It has changed our lives and is still changing it in many ways. When it comes to our living, our jobs are at risk. The whole economy is suffering. We should be thankful to God for keeping us safe. We have embraced new ways to survive by wearing a mask and gloves, which is mandatory. This is the new normal.

From Ms Nazia Malik

Karachi, Pakistan

coronavirus cases decreasing in the UAE

UAE took all the protective measures including sanitising the roads and streets(“COVID-19: UAE announces 304 new coronavirus cases, 701 recoveries”,Gulf News,June 14). Making it mandatory for all residents to wear facemasks, social distancing and lockdown.

Now, COVID-19 cases are decreasing day by day. And, the number of recoveries are increasing. Long live UAE. May Allah protect the whole world from this pandemic.

From Mr Rafiq Roshan


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Happy for the UAE

I am happy to know that the number of coronavirus cases is are decreasing in the UAE. Many people are getting cured, and most importantly the residents are aware and serious about hygienic and healthy practices.

From Ms Ramya Ganesh


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