COVID-19: Are we living the new normal in the UAE?
COVID-19 Image Credit: Seyyed de la Llata

COVID-19: Gratitude in times of the global pandemic

The year 2020! Such a build-up we had to this year ("Respect our unsung heroes", Gulf News, April 06). So many plans, hopes and dreams. And then, of course, the pandemic slithered into our lives with its many-headed repercussions. We’ve all gone through the emotions - alarm, anxiety, and disbelief! Grappling with the sudden changes to our day-to-day lives, the children remote learning at home, no trips to the mall, no coffee with friends, no Thursday night plans. A trip to the supermarket is now an exercise in precision planning and logistical finesse, and through all this, the apprehension and uncertainty. We feel an underlying sense of disquiet, when our health, or the health of our loved ones, is threatened, and are faced with dilemmas as we wonder if we can sustain our way of life and our livelihoods. However, in the last few weeks, a new feeling has blossomed in me, and that feeling is gratitude.

When I ponder the plight of students stranded away from their families, and the agony of parents as they lose sleep worrying about their kid’s health and well-being in distant countries, I am grateful that my two kids are safe in their beds at home and under my care. When I read about the struggles of medical workers all over the world as they deal with the horrific fall-out of the pandemic, I am humbled by their service and grateful that I can choose to switch off the news when it gets too distressing to watch. When I think about hospital workers who are unable to go home to their families so as to protect them from potential infection, it breaks my heart.

There were many jokes going around on social media. The premise being travel destinations during the lockdown are all within our home. It gave me a sense of gratitude that I was among those privileged in the world to have so many destinations to move around to within my home.

From Ms Sharon de Souza


Never give up despite coronavirus

In break time I play table tennis and was at a bad score (“Public cooperation key to success in fighting COVID”, Gulf News, April 05). I was on the verge of losing the match. If you keep on thinking that you will lose the match then you will fail for sure but if you believe you have time, then you can turn things around. Never ever give up. The same we should apply to life, don’t lose hope in any situation. Even if you don’t win, at least you learn many things from it. Winners don't make excuses.

From Ms Tejal shah


Disappointed fans of tennis

It's really unfortunate that tennis star Roger Federer would be missed during the 2020 tournaments due to his knee surgery for the second time ("Roger Federer out for rest of the season", Gulf News, June 10). Sincerely we hope to see him back in action from 2021 Australia Open. Likewise, the fans of Novak Djovick too would be disappointed to see him miss out the US Open if held this year. But glad that he would play the French Open.

From Ms Aruna Chander

Chennai, India

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