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Racism rears ugly head in US with yet another shooting of a black man by police

Atlanta shooting by a white policeman at 27-year-old black man Rayshard Brooks was sad and painful (“ Watch: Atlanta cop fired after latest killing of black man in US”, Gulf News, June 14). After the recent shooting of George Floyd, which resulted in a massive protest by people all over the US against police brutality, racism is still a major problem. This is simply unacceptable. Violence against minorities seem to be on the increase. Despite many films and documentaries against racism, when will the disparity vanish?

From Mr K.Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

India’s unity is its strength

This refers to the Gulf News report that the leader of the opposition threatens to drag Tamil Nadu government to court over COVID-19 deaths (“ India: DMK’s articulate legislator in Tamil Nadu Assembly J. Anbazhagan dies of COVID-19”, Gulf News, June 10). We feel this is not the time to garner some political points. The need of the hour is total cooperation amongst the ruling party members and opposition leaders to fight coronavirus from spreading further. Though the state government had taken many positive steps to arrest spreading of the virus, due to the non-observance of rules by public and even by some politicians, who have failed to wear masks and social distancing, the virus has spread like wildfire. The same situation prevails in some other Indian States, too. Hence it is the time for all political leaders to bury their differences, shed their ego to unite and fight the virus outbreak instead of breaking our unity.

From Mr N. Mahadevan

Chennai, India

Dubai: A place of hope and resilience

Dubai - a place so bright, vibrant and lively for whoever has experienced its true being. (“In pictures: People spread hope amid COVID-19 pandemic”, Gulf News, June09). Some may call it the 'city of dreams,' but for me, it was like a second lease of life when I first stepped in here. It has been almost 17 years, living in this beautiful city, marching through thick and thin of everyday life. After living here for a while, people call it their second home but I call it my first, a karmic place which gave a new lease of life to me. I lived here through several stages of my life from growing as a person, working with multi-cultural people, and more so, the love of my life - my daughter came to this world, very much born in this wonderful place. Such is the impact of this magnificent place I call my home. The best part I have most liked about the UAE is the safety and security it promises and provides to everyone, even though many come from outside of this country. So, I was not worried to take extra care of my baby girl after she was born.

Today we are in the midst of a global crisis, which is COVID-19 pandemic. Like rest of the world, Dubai is also striving to keep the virus in check and to contain it. Everyone is living in fear, not knowing what our future holds for us. Uncertainty looms large on us, even for the next moment. Stress has started taking the front seat for most of us. I feel this is a situation we haven't faced almost ever in our lives where there's no major medical breakthrough in sight. But there's one thing I know for sure - Dubai will survive this pandemic. We will fight it together and come out of it unscathed. We are together in this and ready to bounce back!

From Ms Sujata Mattoo


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