We live in a world of constant evolution. From infrastructure to our lifestyle, everything has changed. Technology has indisputably made a deep impact on the functioning of the world. It led to positive changes, however, technology has its own share of negative impacts.

Immersed into our phones, earphones shutting out the noise from the outside world, fingers scrolling through the latest Instagram posts, we are healthy and blooming externally but in reality we are unhealthy, exhausted and fatigued from the inside. We have become technological zombies. So then, is technology for better or for the worse?

There are some benefits. Technology refines productivity in business. New methods of business like e-commerce have been introduced. Adoption of a certain technologies have streamlined manufacturing processes of goods and reduced wastage.

It has created an easily accessible digital library. However, there are inherent disadvantages. It has caused a loss of direct interaction among people. Texting to congratulate, greet or invite on special occasions has become commonplace. We have become lethargic, we are not exposed to any outdoor activities and any illness takes over us really quickly. Technology is taking control over our lives as an addiction. We no more have the ability to think creatively as we purely rely on the digital library for information. For research or projects, we depend on the internet, sometimes even copying information perceiving it to be accurate, not realising, that a lot of content on the internet is user-generated, the authenticity cannot always be guaranteed. The trend has affected our ability to comprehend and process information. Let us break away from this web and stop becoming technological zombies.

- The reader is a student based in Dubai