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6,000 books for Dubai prison inmates

Dubai Police’s prison library contains 6,000 books in 24 languages

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Dubai: Inmates at Dubai Police’s central prison have access to 6,000 books in 24 different languages to stay in touch with the outside world, Dubai Police said.

Captain Mohammad Abdullah Al Obaidli, acting director of the Inmates’ Training and Education Programmes Department, said the library was meant to encourage prisoners to read and learn.

He added that it will contribute to their educational development and give them something to do during their free time.

Captain Al Obaidli also said that the library, in cooperation with local organisations, offers classes and workshops that focus on the Arabic language.

Meanwhile, First Lieutenant Ali Al Thabyani said that the library has become a window to the outside world and an educational beacon for inmates.

“During 2016, 1,569 inmates visited the library and borrowed books 14,217 times,” he said, adding that inmates can also benefit from 50,000 books in the electronic library.

“There are 29 inmates taking night classes, and 33 inmates completing their studies for classes between the seventh grade and 12th grade,” Al Thabyani said.

African inmate M.J.M. said that he was grateful for the library because it allows him to read about different issues and borrow more than one book at a time.

A.A.D., an Arab inmate, said that the library was beneficial for him as it allows him to take part in training courses.

As for inmate D.M.A., he is appreciative of the opportunity to educate himself and develop his skills despite being in prison.