Terminal 3 at Dubai International airport Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Planning to travel, but don’t know if your flight is on schedule? The easiest way to check is by visiting the website of the airport from where you are travelling. Here is a breakdown of all the flight status updates that you can get for airports in the UAE, whether you are flying in or out of the country.

Dubai Airports

On its official social media accounts, Dubai International Airport (DXB) has been providing updates to passengers on the latest status of operations.

In a message posted on X, formerly Twitter, on April 19, the airport authority said: "We're endeavouring to do our best to support guests impacted by delays due to recent unprecedented weather conditions. However, due to the ongoing disruption, and to speed up recovery, we are temporarily limiting the number of arriving flights from 12PM on April 19 for 48 hours."

In another post, the airport authority posted that passengers should get to the terminal no earlier than three hours before departure time, to not add to the congestion.

How to check flight status for Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC):

• Go to
You will first see a screen with a travel advisory, that has been set up specifically for the current weather conditions, with the latest advice that Dubai Airports has for passengers, regarding their baggage, connecting flights and airport transfers. Check the advisory for the latest updates that you need to plan your travel. Below the advisory, click on the button that reads ‘To visit full website, please click here’.

• Once you are on the website, simply locate the tab for ‘Find your flight’ on the menu on top.
Here you can either enter your flight number or see the full schedule of flights that are flying in and out of Dubai International Airport as well as Dubai World Central, with the flight status.

• For more details, click on the ‘find your flight’ tab and you will be able to select the airport – DXB or DWC, as well as your flights for today or tomorrow, from the ‘departure’ or ‘arrival’ sub-section. This is helpful in case you are travelling in the coming days and want to plan.

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Zayed International Airport Abu Dhabi

STOCK Zayed International Airport
Zayed International Airport , Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Zayed International Airport


If you have your flight number, type it into the ‘Find your flight’ section on the home page. If not, click on ‘See all flights’.

You can choose the flight by the time slot within which it will fly, today or tomorrow. For example, if you are flying out later today, select ‘today’ from the drop-down menu, and then choose from the time slots provided.

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Sharjah International Airport

In an advisory posted on its official social media accounts on April 18, the airport authority advised people to only head to the airport if there is a confirmed reservation.

“Sharjah Airport confirms the continuity of flight operations and encourages travellers to verify their flight details, consult their respective airlines, and head to the airport only if they have a confirmed reservation,” the statement read.

How to check flight status:

• Visit
• Scroll down on the home page to the ‘flight timetable’ section.
• Choose whether you are flying in or out of Sharjah, then select the destination or origin port, your airline, and the date of travel.
• Click on ‘go’.

The website will then update you on your flight’s exact schedule.

Ras Al Khaimah Airport

On the home page, you will see flight information on the upcoming departures and arrivals from the airport.
For flights that are not listed yet, click on the arrow next to ‘for complete detail’.
The website will provide you with the exact status of the flight schedule.